Product Update - Valve
Jun 8, 2011
Updates to Sanctum have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

• New co-op only map: Facility!

• Anti Air projectiles on client will no longer fly off into the sky.
• Anti Air projectile lifetime down .25 sek
o This means that even if they miss there is a good chance they'll deal splash damage to enemies
• Gatling damage buffed a lot (!)
o lvl 1: 4 -> unchanged
o lvl 2: 7 -> 8
o lvl 3: 11 -> 13
o lvl 4: 18 -> 21
o lvl 5: 31 -> 39
o lvl 6: 64 -> 80

• Wave number now plays a bigger role when calculating HP in coop.
o This means the enemies HP will scale up slightly faster

• Both the slow and freeze got diminishing returns in preparation of 4-player co-op.

• 3 New achievements!
• Added a wave foreseer to know what the upcoming waves are. It's in the encyclopedia.
• Stat screen got a lot of new stats.
o Stat screen now supports 4 players.
• Added an icon in the party window so that you can see when other players are ready.
• Slightly optimized RAM and Texture usage (now use slightly less memory)
• Optimized network usage
o Now sending half the amount of data to synchronize animations
o Now sending half the amount of data to synchronize Soakers growing back
o Lessened the amount of data sent for replicate damage effects of players
• Changed color for build, sell, upgrade and chat messages to the player assigned color that originated the messages. In preparation of 4-player co-op.
• Changed color for overview and HUD arrows for the players. In preparation of 4-player co-op.
• Changed color for textures on players. In preparation of 4-player co-op.
• New leaderboards for Facility.
• Improved gamepad support, pressing next/prev buttons( L and R ) in Overview marks televators and fire buton is used to teleport.
• Added a community button in the main menu that can instantly take the player to chat/forum/facebook/leaderboards/achievements

• Fixed endscreen freeze on long multiplayer matches
• Hoverers now have the correct hit-effect when shooting them in the head from the front
• The client now sees the correct animation of the server all the time, instead of sometimes seeing the buildphase animation in the actionphase
• Fixed so that no unnecessary data sent to client when enemies dies
• Clients no longer see a +p when enemies dies at the core
• Client no longer pauses mid-air when pressing escape
• Tutorial now shows a maximum of 2 waves instead of 21
• Pressing next/prev when aiming at a elevator now longer break tower scrolling
• Increased network stability with on unstable connections

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