Product Update - Valve
May 23, 2011
Updates to Worms Reloaded have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. This update is the first of a number of planned updates that add features requested by the Worms Reloaded community. This one concentrates mainly on the Frontend and User Interface.

Worms Reloaded
  • Added a feature to allow players to to invite friends into public games.
  • Added a feature so that players you have just played a game with will be added to a recent players list.
  • Added a feature so you can change your team in the game lobby by right clicking your name.
  • The key used for opening the chat window will also close the window if pressed again.
  • When playing against someone who has a custom speechbank that you do not have, the game will now pick a random speech bank instead of resorting to the default one every time.
  • The chat interface size has been reduced.
  • The font size in the frontend and menus has been reduced.
  • Other improvements to the frontend such as: - Lists ordered alphabetically, Menu Options renamed and a reorganisation of the frontend that makes navigating more intuitive.
  • Fixed a crash in the tutorial relating to selecting an empty slot from the weapon panel.
  • Fixed magnet sync issues

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