Product Update - Valve
26. apr 2011
We are happy to announce that a small patch is available for PC players with the below optimizations & fixes:

  • Improved quickmatch logic, players will now join populated servers.
  • Improved ping queries on servers, player count, gametag info and general server info.
  • Limited number of concurrent ping and rules queries, this prevents issues associated with query spam (disconnects on certain ISP's and network hardware).
  • The friends list will now display all friends that are in dedicated server games.
  • The player list will populate when using the server info option.

The patch is now available on Steam and will be downloaded the next time you start Homefront. Additionally, here are a few of the items that are currently in testing for future patches: hardcore mode, more player admin options (votekick/voteban/voterestart/votenextmap), and additional anti-cheat functionality.

Please keep your feedback coming!

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