Product Update - Valve
Apr 21, 2011
Updates to Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New features
  • 10 Steam achievements
  • New optional deferred rendering system with day night cycle, screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO), depth of field, rim lighting, unlimited dynamic lights, etc...
  • Combat GUI: new damage font effect
  • Diagonal movement and combat now possible
  • Roaming characters
  • Normal maps, specular maps and parallax maps
  • New GUI elements
  • New sound effects
  • Added torches
  • New vegetation models
  • New screen effect seen on critical hits
  • Some SSAO performance optimization
  • Conversation GUI: game text speed slider affects text fade-in speed
  • Conversation GUI: raised LMB press fade speed by factor 10
  • Conversation GUI: correct behavior with LMB if text has been fully faded in
  • Conversation GUI: correct behavior of mouse wheel when conversation dialog windows are active
  • Many improved camera systems with additional options in game
  • Improved navigation (character avoidance, ground slope affects acceleration)
  • Improved performance
  • Improved terrain textures
  • Increased global games peed by 20%
  • Removed the quick talk button
  • Improved grid fading
  • Improvements to the English text

  • Invisible Mandy if killed during the first fight before she entered the party
  • Disabled entity slider
  • Conversation GUI: invisible characters
  • A rare problem where characters have been assigned wrong grid cells
  • Memory leak that caused items not to be cleaned up after loading a save game
  • Indoor levels are now cached out
  • A selection particle rotation problem
  • A GUI problem with special attacks and right mouse button
  • A rare crash in the event system
  • An AI problem with characters being both in seduced and berserk states
  • On occasion the dialog system would freeze if it focused on a dead NPC
  • Some items overlapped in the inventory system
  • Added a tool in the root game directory to help bypass the config tool for those experiencing problems
  • Many minor fixes

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