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Mar 11, 2011
Pre-Purchase Might & Magic® Heroes® VI now and receive exclusive access to the beta when it starts!

A legendary Archangel General is resurrected, but with his powers crippled. He plots to recover his powers and take control of Ashan while destroying both Faceless and Demons. He underestimates, however, the power of the Griffin dynasty.

Heroes VI is a fast-paced epic story where Angels plot to end -- once and for all -- an unfinished war with their ancient rivals, the Faceless.

Also available for Pre-Purchase members: The Edge of Chaos and Akasha.
The Edge of Chaos is a sword created by Arch-Demon Nebiros that ensures its bearer pure luckiness.
Akasha is commander of the sacred isle, Akasha is a fanatic follower of Dragon Godess Shalassa.

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