Monday Night Combat Updated

Product Update - Valve
2011년 1월 24일
PC Product Update Launch

New Features
• Added Juice Bot. Juice Bot has a chance of replacing the mascot during any match
• Added Pro Gear system, allowing players to customize the look of their Pro
• Added Honors system. Honors are awards that can only be earned once. Each has an associated ProTag.
• Added a special “MNC Fever” Protag that can only be earned by killing another player that has it set as their current ProTag. Keep an eye out for an Uber Developer, they will all have this ProTag set.

• Updated shuriken effects
• Updated Sniper trap effects
• Updated in-game chat with a UI box and better history tracking
• Server browser now shows a highlight on primary sort column

• Fixed server history not saving the proper history
• Fixed certain weapons being able to shoot in and out of player spawn areas
• Fixed Blitz stats from not recording after a match
• Fixed clients showing incorrect Blitz challenge
• Fixed issue with gunner level 3 deploy not preventing headshots
• Fixed Support’s firebase not dying when player is autobalanced
• Fixed mouse scroll issues in Server Browser
• Fixed issue with getting stuck in Scoreboard before Character Select screen appears

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