Product Update - Valve
Nov 29, 2010
Updates to Star Ruler have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Ships in invalid positions could crash the sound system if they ever played a sound. This should also fix random, extreme slowdowns experienced by some people.
  • Comets now orbit farther away from stars.
  • A change in broke script-based target weighting. Will fix jump drives, mining lasers, repair tools, and a few other specialized weapons/tools.
  • Overlapped sub systems in the blueprint editor now only glow when one is a modifier.
  • The AI will no longer try to retrofit ships in contested systems.
  • Repeat mode no longer crashes.
  • Fixed a possible cause of saves that crash on load. Old saves won't be fixed, but the problem should be eliminated for future saves.
  • Fixed a crash caused by a distant ship icon updating while the ship was being destroyed.
  • Planet conditions were not applying all of their alterations.
  • Ships would randomly "vanish" mid-flight.
  • Actually fixed crash in servers with single thread mode on. Also speeds up single thread mode a bit.
  • Mods were not being loaded in multiplayer.
  • Reordered economic events. Running out of metals should no longer throttle your economy!
  • Fixed hull-related crashes. Existing saves cannot be fixed, if that is the source of their crashes. Sorry about that.
  • Transfer orders will no longer try to take from docked ships.
  • Ships could get stuck and unselectable after jumping.
  • Possible fix for an infinite loop in fleets.
  • Planets would forget their repeat state on load if they didn't have anything in their queue.
  • Fixed a crash caused by having a dying ship selected.
  • Fixed a pure virtual function call caused by OrderList.
  • Saving a blueprint with the same name as a manually obsoleted one would not save it.
  • AIs were ignoring Dreadnaughts they built.
  • Fixed various crashes related to fleets.
  • Asserts are no longer compiled into release (small performance improvement)
  • Tutorial scrollbars for localizations.
  • Blueprint AI settings didn't work for multiplayer clients.
  • Blueprint AI settings were not being exported.
  • Fixed a bug that would spam the console with errors.
  • Control+click build now works everywhere you'd expect (system window, build on best context menu).
  • Importing a design with errors (ie subsystems not unlocked yet) now displays those in a message box instead of failing silently.
  • Improved the comet trail.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Moved system and planet generation to a server script ( so mods can change it.
  • Ships that fire weapons in the galaxy will become visible to all players. Note: Planets in the galaxy are always visible to everyone.
  • Added three new tracks by Artem Bank.
  • Event notification sounds for pending treaties or finishing the research queue.
  • Added speed and distance indicators to the mouse over info. 1 AU = 1000 units.
  • If pirates are allowed to become wealthy, they can now launch multiple simultaneous raids.
  • Added new Fighter, Hauler, and Satellite models, and added LODs for the station.
  • Added an option for a 'standard' camera, which cannot roll. Use this if you find that you cannot effectively use the default camera.
  • All ships with thrust can be toggled to "Park in orbit": when they stop, they will start orbiting the closest planet or star.
  • New structure: Planetary Thruster. Unlocked at Propulsion 16, Gravitics 6 and Megaconstruction 6, allows you to move planets.
  • Blueprint AI setting to control whether other ships are allowed to fetch resources (fuel, etc) from that blueprint.
  • Blueprint AI settings to limit attack targetting to only planets/ships.
  • Blueprint AI settings to limit deposit targets to only planets/ships. (ie Miners' deposit ore orders).
  • Binary star systems and asteroid belt systems.

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