Product Update - Valve
2010년 11월 26일
Updates to The Polynomial have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New features:
  • Massive improvements to the music analyzer, now visualizes even better for larger variety of music types.
  • New music customization option: use a slider to choose between animation to the beat or animation to the melody (and voice), or any mix of beat and melody. As with any other parameters, the effects are immediately visible, letting you tune it just right for your taste.
  • Configurable controller binding
  • set up your game controller's sticks and buttons and sliders just the way you like, in Controls panel.
  • Enemy flight improved, better flight and attack patterns.
  • Enemies collide and bounce off each other.
  • Fixed crash/hang when adding music files in fullscreen (reported for ATI cards under Windows 7 64-bit).
  • Fixed 2 rare crash bugs during gameplay.
  • Fixed a bug that caused current playlist not to autosave when appending music from another playlist.
  • Fixed continuous asking for restart on some multiple-display setups.
  • "Difficulty" announcement active only in level 0 now.
  • Numerous game engine improvements for improved performance and stability.

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