Product Update - Valve
Nov 15, 2010
Updates to Supreme Commander 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Fixes and Improvements
  • Increased lobby timeout to 8 seconds as an experiment, up from 4. This will increase matchmaker leniency, but may result in more shaky connections being permitted into games
  • Save Game Load fixes. Rare broken save games from v1.23 should load correctly now
  • Fix for illuminate Quantum Floating units sometimes not leaving wreckage, not firing off their death weapon, and not being able to fire their weapons when built on water
  • Fix for ACUs not finishing their current project when paused
  • Fixed UI based economy exploit

  • Adjusted vanilla tuning of Loyalists to match DLC.
  • Adjusted vanilla tuning of Cybran Jump Jets to match DLC.
  • Adjusted DLC tuning of Illuminate PD to match vanilla

  • Fix for AI platoons being too timid.
  • Increased AI Prioritizing of enemy ACUs.
  • Fix for the AI researching items twice after loading a saved game or starting a game with all research unlocked.
  • Neural Net platoon fixes to salvo calculations. Should result in more persistent attacks.
  • AI will attack a non-targeted enemies area if they can't attack anything else

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