Product Update - Valve
Nov 15, 2010
Updates to Sol Survivor have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

Sol Survivor 1.8.2:
  • Started Season 2 of Survival leaderboards.
  • Archived previous Survival leaderboards as Season 1.
  • Added "-window" flag to force the game to start in a window.
  • Added option for hosting friends only games.
  • Improved late game Survival balance, making 40-60 minutes more challenging.
  • Increased fire rate of Silos.
  • Fixed Drone Turrets not receiving the Crit Booster buff.
  • Fixed Custom Officer icons out of order in multiplayer.
  • Fixed crash when players enter a game with incomplete information from the host.
  • Fixed crash when using hotkeys for empty turret and support slots.
  • Fixed crash when ending a multiplayer game in a maximized window.
  • Fixed crash from invalid gamepad configuration.

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