Product Update - Valve
Oct 21, 2010
Updates to ProtoGalaxy have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Greatly increased the pointer speed in all menus.
  • Made the campaign menu's pointer speed match the cursor speed in game.
  • Added the Escape key as a default key on controller 1 for the Cancel action (so it opens menus). NOTE: For users already playing ProtoGalaxy, you will need to reset your controller in the options menu to get the Escape key added to the control settings.
  • Fixed deleting save files.
  • Fixed using enter and esc to interact with various popups.
  • Fixed a crash related to trying to host deleted custom campaigns.
  • Changed the visual style of levels with no missions so they are easy to distinguish.
  • Removed glow on levels with no objectives.
  • Fixed a crash caused by custom campaign levels with no missions assigned.
  • Improved missile flame trail effect.
  • Fixed the battery display and usage when trying to use the teleport ability to teleport to an invalid lcoation.
New Features:
  • Added option for drawing or hiding cursors of networked players.
  • Added option for drawing or hiding gravity range circles of networked players.
  • Slightly improved the mission editor's loading time.
  • Fixed bug with invisible menus in editor after switching mode using hotkeys.
  • Fixed bug with using hotkeys to edit text and numbers in editor.
  • Prevent the editor from automatically scrolling if you alt-tab.
  • Fixed the coloring of the editor's minimap screen previews.
  • Improved the float comparison trigger condition.
  • Allowed using camera paths made up of only a single node.
  • Fixed a bug related to saving multiline text descriptions in custom maps.
  • Fixed the display of long text descriptions in custom maps.
  • Fixed crash related to modding tile sets.
  • Fixed a bug related to randomizing tile styles to improve modding capability.

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