Product Update - Valve
Oct 7, 2010
Updates to Dogfighter have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Initial localisation support for C++ code
  • Initial tutorial logic for application and race markers
  • Windows mouse sensitivity setting additionally used to scale in game mouse sensitivity
  • Added XBox joypad full input customization,
  • getArray function into Scaleform GUI implementation
  • Added Lone Wolf patch
  • Added Lone Wolf and Wolf Pack help screens
  • Client disconnect from server registered immediately
  • Crash in dedicated server when 0 bots selected
  • Swift Aileron now functions correctly
  • Missing Propeller in "Protofighter"
  • Missing Particle system in CTF Pharaohs re-added
  • Fixed grammatical errors in some game mode descriptives
  • Fixed radar change target bug in HUD
  • Fixed HUD, removed HUD 4:3 - not used from now, instead re-scaling elements dynamically according to graphics resolution
  • Fixed HUD timer when missing until first death and removed time limit for survivor
  • Fixed mouse input bindings in flash and C++ to allow mapping any button/wheel to any function
  • Fixed problem for inverted pitch settings for joystick and x-joypad
  • Fixed Spawn Points penetrating geometry on Volcano
  • Fixed ServerInfo screen content: scene name, number of players, kill limit, time limit
  • Fixed bug 'Unlimited Boost stops working after doing Immelman'
  • Fixed chat messages colouring
  • Fixed advanced flight model setting from main menu
  • Fixed LoneWolf server creation point limit setting
  • Fixed bug allowing to spawn when 'Exit? Yes/No' MessageBox shown by preventing spawning
  • Fixed max score limit when negative points
  • Fixed joystick pitch up/down inverted sense
  • Reduced timeout for disappearing clients
  • Quickmatch now uses dedicated servers
  • Gravity Acceleration applied when stalled increased from 20 to 40%
  • Controls for all craft have been made to feel more deliberate and easier to control
  • Vapour trails slightly longer and are activated at 60m/s. IE usually always on unless braking
  • Black Death Viper Damage reduced significantly
  • Viper is now a two shot weapon instead of firing both projectiles together
  • All craft health adjusted
  • All weapons re-balanced to suit above changes
  • Added tutorial texts to be ready for final integration of tutorial level
  • Major controls improvement, mouse buttons now supported up to 8, redesigned controls menu to offer binding to any mouse input, x-pad allows to invert pitch and setting bank/pitch sensitivities (separately for each), repositioned/enlarged controls menu sliders to allow more precise slider movement
  • Join server menu default tab switched to dedicated servers
  • Bot Short Term Memory used for Target Selection
  • Defaulted dedicated servers tab
  • XBox controller bank/pitch sensitivities defaulted to 60/70

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