Product Update - Valve
Oct 7, 2010
Updates to Nation Red have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Nation Red
  • New Dusk/Nighttime mode, several missions changed to nighttime mode
  • New Achievements: Gunbarrel, Warlord
  • New Minigun Zombie Boss
  • 3x Score Multiplier for leaderboard ranking
  • New Perks: Negotiator, Defuser
  • New Lifetime Total Zombie Kills leaderboard
  • New joystick calibration supports all generic joysticks, PS2 and PS3 controllers
  • New Powerup: Flashout, a flashbang grenade stunning all zombies on screen
  • New Free Play difficulty ramp; easier play in the first five minutes before difficulty return to normal
  • Adjusted several weapons: Mp5K: more projectile impact, shorter reload; M4A1: Lower firing speed, more damage; Super Shorty: Increased clip size +1; M240B: Faster firing rate; More damage for all shotguns
  • Optimized multiplayer lag and syncing
  • Optimized rendering speed by 20 percent
  • Several requested bugfixes and tweaks

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