Product Update - Valve
Oct 1, 2010
An update to Star Ruler has been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • [Fixed] Fixed a crash on save after manually obsoleting a hull.
  • [Fixed] After updating, hulls ignored the Update Every X Levels setting.
  • [Fixed] Players were not cleared from the server upon exiting, causing crashes when starting a game.
  • [Fixed] Many sounds would play if the player loaded a game with contested systems.
  • [Fixed] AIs will no longer spam their systems with colony ships if there are already plenty of idle ones around.
  • [Fixed] The event notification sound will now play only once every 6 frames.
  • [Fixed] The attack warning (sound & message) will only play once every 6 frames.
  • [Fixed] Fixed two crashes that could occur in long-running games.
  • [Fixed] The To and From clauses when reviewing a treaty were reversed, if you did not create the treaty.
  • [Fixed] The GuiExtText was improperly allocating many little strings that were immediately destroyed. This should speed up GUI initialization somewhat.
  • [Fixed] Fixed a crash related to objects entering systems.
  • [Fixed] Mods with periods in their name would not load.
  • [Fixed] Fixed some missing Charge hints on generators.
  • [Fixed] Fixed a line that was cut off in the tutorial.
  • [Fixed] Clearing orders will also clear gun targets.
  • [Fixed] Pressing escape now cancels key changing (as rebinding escape would prevent menu access).
  • [Fixed] Fixed a crash related to beam effects playing against a dying object in multiplayer.
  • [Fixed] Fixed a race condition in nested read/write blocks. Fixes early-game crashes, and some other potential crashes.
  • [Changed] Updated German and French translations.
  • [Changed] Multiplayer Servers that get delisted should relist themselves periodically.
  • [Changed] Reduced packet fragmentation for object updates.
  • [Changed] Further reduced the amount of data sent in multiplayer object updates. Estimated savings at 33 KB/s per player per 500 objects.
  • [Changed] Systems that contain no clients in multiplayer will not send updates to the client, saving bandwidth.
  • [Changed] AIs now designate shipyard and research worlds, their fleets will get larger and stronger much more quickly now.
  • [Changed] Holding shift while dragging in the planet queue now drags the entire group instead of just one item.
  • [Changed] To reduce the need to spam armor plates, armor now scales differently. Note that the special utility of the armors remains at the previous behavior. Also note that you can scale armors, rather than place more on a design.
  • [Changed] Auto-colonize now sends colonizers to the closest systems first.
  • [Changed] "Join Fleet" and "Auto-colonize system" from the right click menu now act on all selected ships/systems.
  • [Changed] Single-resource governors now build space ports more often. Economic governors now build spaceports.
  • [Changed] AIs will set specific resource governors on planets when they are low on a particular resource.
  • [Changed] Cheating AIs build nothing but luxuries, research and shipyard worlds. *Evil Laugh*
  • [Changed] Space damage now deals 50% more base damage, and significantly more damage for bigger ships.
  • [Changed] Slightly reduced peak bandwidth load.
  • [Changed] Bussard Ramscoops now have some fuel storage.
  • [Changed] The research window has been restyled to match the Planet Window's overall appearance. Other windows will follow the same style.
  • [Changed] The system icon (three multi-colored planets) has been replaced with a more fitting and aesthetically pleasing image.
  • [Changed] The default Hauler is now larger, and has a ~30 minute flight time (as opposed to 10), at the cost of some acceleration.
  • [Added] Added Russian translation.
  • [Added] Added new civil acts: Options to focus labor production vs economic production. Options to focus a specific economic production. (+50% of one, -35% of the other two; +100% of one, -90% of the other two)
  • [Added] Ships can now be retrofitted (select the ships, right click on the planet to retrofit them at). Ships will remove 50% of their original build cost from the price of the retrofitted design.
  • [Added] Hovering over a technology now displays what it improves and what it will unlock next in the tooltip.
  • [Added] Added lines showing connections between technologies.
  • [Added] Added a basic in-game manual. Will be improved over time.
  • [Added] Added multi-font support along with some variations on the game's font, and the font used for the game's logo.
  • [Added] Added removeRand logic for governors. All governors except Balanced and Renovate-Only will now steadily remove unrelated structures when it makes sense.
  • [Added] Added legacy mode. When we change data file in a way that old saves will no longer load, the game will ask if you want to run in legacy mode. This moves the save to the correct legacy mod folder and runs as normal.
  • [Added] Added a message when an empire declares war on you.

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