Product Update - Valve
Updates to Worms Reloaded have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Worms Reloaded
  • Fixed an issue which occurred when the host put their light bulb on and revoked the client ready state
  • Old lobbies should no longer show up when a player leaves a game in progress
  • Fixed an issue where the client can be thrown out of a lobby
  • Fixed a light bulb issue where the player would not actually be sending network messages when they enter the lobby so could never ready up
  • Stopped the game crashing if the game starts with all players on the same team alliance
  • Adjusted the column sizes in the lobby list screen so Spanish and Italian text fits in better
  • Fixed issue where sometimes private games would be partially setup as ranked so start game option would not be available
  • We now kill the voice chat when leaving lobby, so this should fix looping voices
  • You can now select custom schemes for player match setup
  • Fixed lobby creation failed messages happening so frequently
  • We have also made a number of other smaller fixes that should make online play more stable.

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