Product Update - Valve
23 Tem 2010
The biggest change in this new update is the reworking of the game's beat detection system. After a lot of feedback, we overhauled the system in hopes of improving the experience for our players. We have also made it so that everyone's song count in the demo version will reset. We want everyone to be able to try out the new beat detection, and hope that if there are any people out there who were put off by the previous system, they will give the game another chance and possibly change their minds about buying the full version.

In addition to this, we have also fixed several bugs and added a couple of new features. Here is a list:

  • Added top 10 most played artists and songs to the Scores menu.

  • Roulette, Auto Combo and Zapper powers are unlocked faster. (25, 50, 75 activations down to
    20, 40, 60 activations to unlock)

  • Fixed leader board scores not updating correctly sometimes when you got a higher score.

  • Fixed bug in file browser that didn't allow CDs to be played.

  • Fixed bug in file browser that made folders not show up under certain drive letters.

  • Fixed account name input to accept underscores."

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