Product Update - Valve
Dec 16, 2009
Updates to Football Manager 2010 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Football Manager 2010
  • The 10.2 steam update exclusively includes the FM2009 skin
  • Fixed bug where a player who had gained home-grown status for one club, wasn't treated as home-grown in nation for another club in the same nation.
  • Set African newgens with second nationalities to use African names only.
  • Adjusted second nationalities for English newgens.
  • Adjusted attendances for U20 World Cup and other international final tournaments.
  • Older extra players created at some amateur clubs now all have amateur contracts rather than part-time.
  • Adjusted the CA/PA levels of newgens created at the very small clubs.
  • Adjusted the chances of better newgens being created at smaller clubs in big footballing nations.
  • Fixed bug where kit pictures in low detail matches didn't match up with the kit colours used for the match.
  • Fixed code in a players media history when they have been left out of a squad.

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