Product Update - Valve
Dec 11, 2009
Updates to Madballs in... Babo:Invasion have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Clan support [beta]
  • We've added a new Community section to our Multiplayer menus - that's where you'll be able to select and see the progress of your clan
  • Show your pride - your clan's picture will be displayed along with your SteamID in all player lists - in lobbies, stats and game summary screens
  • Clan matches - dedicated servers can be configured for official Clan vs. Clan matches. Configure the server with the two teams to play, and the start-time -- then meet on the field of battle. You'll know that a server is configured for a clan match by the "crossed swords" icon in the game browser.
  • Clan leaderboards -- MiBI keeps track of Clan match stats - so you'll know who's clan is the best. And we're not only keeping track of clan vs. clan matches - we're also tracking clan member performance across public matches and rolling those stats up too. [Note - the 2 sets of leaderboards are kept separate]. If you're a member of a clan, you're contributing to yur clan's performance *all* the time
  • Your performance in the clan - in addition to your clan's ranking globally, you can also see your ranking within the clan - for both Public and Clan matches. Will you be the clan MVP?
  • Community voice - we've created a new Twitter feed - @babocomunity - and the results of all Clan matches will be announced there. We even show the latest results in the Community page of the game. Long-term, we'll add more community-related news to this feed.

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