Product Update - Valve
Oct 27, 2009
Updates to Insurgency have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New features
  • Added fully-configurable Spawn Protection System
  • New morale & scoring system
  • Players now will earn morale points when suppressing enemies (wounding & eliminating targets)
  • Eliminating enemies within capture areas (while attacking or defending) provides a boost in morale points
  • The Kill / Death Ratio (KDR) of the player is taken into account and provides an additional bonus multiplier to the player's score
  • Added server option ins_spawnprotection. Disabled by default, when set to 1 it will read the settings of the server .sps files (placed at the Maps folder) and enable the Spawn Protection System
  • Added console command ins_showsps to allow players to check the Spawn Protection Settings of the server for the current map
  • Ammo caches now have a per-player timer. You can only restock your ammo after a period of time to prevent grenade / RPG spamming from ammo cache locations

Bug fixes & Updates
  • Improved M203 grenade launcher
  • Corrected ironsight alignment for several weapons
  • Spectators can now see other player's weapons in first person
  • Player hitboxes have been corrected. Prone hitboxes are now accurate
  • You can now see the tracers of other players when they're using LMGs
  • Revamped several weapons
  • Updated Various Weapon Selection UIs
  • Weapon animations improved
  • The M203 position has been adjusted
  • New skins and textures for the Insurgent characters
  • New death/spectator menu
  • Improved player and team-mate icons on the overhead map
  • More accurate collision models for many props
  • Improved many in-game sounds

Map Updates
  • ins_almaden
  • ins_Baghdad
  • ins_Buhriz
  • ins_karkar
  • ins_Karam
  • ins_Ramadi

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