Product Update - Valve
Aug 31, 2004
An update to the Counter-Strike: Source beta has just been released. Steam will update itself automatically when you restart. Here is a list of the changes:

  • Improved consistency of hitboxes between the server and client
  • Fixed glows showing through map geometry
  • Fixed grenades getting stuck in props
  • Fixed rendering errors with DX8 and anti-aliasing
  • Fixed playerlist in-game UI: will now properly display players
  • Fixed skywalking exploit on De_Dust
  • Fixed alt-tab video corruption bugs
  • Fixed player hovering over ground on round restart
  • Fixed reload animation bugs on AWP and Scout
  • Updated scoreboard to display 32+ player games properly
  • Updated weapon sounds
  • Updated weapon model textures
  • Updated player hand texture
  • Reduced effectiveness of flashbangs behind the player
  • Added Friends list to in-game UI
  • Added sv_password for servers

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