Product Update - Valve
26 de oct. 2009
Updates to XIII Century - Blood of Europe have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

The following errors were fixed:
  • an occasional crash, caused by incorrect definition of unit's movement is fixed;
  • some horse animations were fixed;
  • the coefficient of tiles materials' self-luminosity is lowered. This impovement fixes the exposed landscapes on several maps;
  • wrong paths to normals' maps and textures were corrected. Some graphic artifacts of units and shields were removed;
  • icorrect smoothing is fixed (AA modes);
  • landscape artifacts, visible with anisotropic filter on, removed.
New content and functional
  • three new groups are available for the Internet play: Sweden, Lithuania, Florence;
  • a new feature was added: the possibility to save replays and maps, and replay battles created with map generator;
  • a new mode of bright, saturate, and contrast control was added, along with manual control of RGB channels for the post-production of the final graphics. Available with two new lightning patterns only;
  • two new lightning patterns were added, but can't be used in generator so far.
Improvements and optimization
  • a new mechanism of animations smoothing was applied. As a result, the artifacts of abrupt animation changes disappeared;
  • an issue of cutting off the invisible sides of polygons with shades on was fixed. This improves the performance on low-end video cards;
  • code referring to loading and animations was optimized;
  • some old unused post-production features were removed (thus freeing some video RAM).

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