Product Update - Valve
Oct 21, 2009
Updates to Championship Manager 2010 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Fixes the issue where the user could be stuck in a loop, and unable to continue the game. This was caused by using the space bar to advance
  • Results screens now show you the names of the goal scorers
  • A game is now only loaded when the user clicks play or record. This means you are able to view stats / player ratings etc for the match without having to wait for the match to load
  • Solves a problem where repeated saving / loading in one game could lead to a module becoming full and the save game crashing when going into the team talk screen for the next match
  • Continental & Domestic bans were sometimes being swapped. The ban description on the player profile page is now more detailed
  • Fixed the issue where the user would be top of the league, but the board message tells them that their 'lower than expected league position is a cause for concern'
  • When you receive a mail message informing you that one of your players has a happiness issue you can now click a button that will take you to that players status page
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a ProZone match would fail to load the first time you click it
  • Retiring a user manager while on certain screens, or at certain times would cause the game to crash
  • Fixed an issue where collapsing nodes in the navigation tree would sometimes lead to having data off the top of the tree you couldn't scroll up to see
  • Fixed problem with retrieving the 'my documents' folder in the game
  • The away scorer's text on the match display screen was being cut off
  • An unnecessary staff contract mail has been removed, and improvement made to another
  • Allows community to add the Spanish small badges so they appear in the league table screen
  • The launcher is now hidden when the game is running. It should hide after a save is loaded or a new game started. Upon quitting champ man the launcher will reopen
  • It is now easier to change windowed or full screen resolutions
  • Before exporting you can now select the size of the video
  • Some team names had been translated when they should not have been
  • The transfer budget email after a request for more money will now show the remaining value rather than the cumulative total that was being displayed before
  • Fixes the problem where a loaded save game was not being used as the autosave name
  • The team talks screens at half time / full time now allow you to criticise players
  • Added config.txt option for only resolving user managed matches

Match Engine

  • You should now see that the better teams are not penalised ratings-wise when playing against teams from lower ranked divisions
  • Reduces likelihood that a player will become injured after being targeted for hard treatment by the A.I.
  • Fixed a bug where a ball low to the keepers left would appear to go straight through them.
  • Lots of passing improvements
  • Fixed the bug which made it look like a player (mostly wingers) had just been given a nitro boost
  • There will now be more shots taken from a long distance
  • Players are more likely to attempt a chipped shot if the goal keeper is off his line and less likely when he is off his line
  • A reduction to the distance the ball squirts out when the player does the turn
  • Defenders are more likely to turn up field and pass the ball if they are not pressured instead of dribbling towards their own goal
  • The threshold for players falling over because of collision has been adjusted. Now when there is a collision between forwards and defenders, the defenders have more physical presence reducing the chances of them stumbling when challenging the attacking players
  • Goals scored in the first minute are now displayed as such and not 0 minutes as was previously the case
  • The chance of a player dibbling backwards has been greatly reduced
  • The number of bad passes leading to interceptions in front of goal has been reduced
  • The short distance passes have been tweaked. Previously a player would pass the ball extremely fast to a teammate who is quite close. This can cause what looks like an inaccurate pass to a different player
  • Defenders were struggling to handle off the ball movement. This has now been improved.
  • When an aggressive team talk was given, player condition rises steeply negating the condition/fatigue effect. This has been addressed
  • There were some errors in the AI when defending certain default set piece routines. This has now been improved

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