Product Update - Valve
Oct 14, 2009
X3: Terran Conflict has been updated to v2.5!

New Features and Improvements:

  • Removed copy protection
  • New options for marine training, including multiple skills and duration
  • Several boarding aspects improved and corrected
  • Rebalanced boarding Xenon ships
  • Added a new menu for access to factories connected to a complex
  • Production can be toggled for connected factories
  • Show wing orders in the context menu for ships in a wing
  • Improved Defend Station command
  • Added gateless sector option to several flight commands
  • Added more information to the property menu including marines
  • Added option to change the sorting method for ships in the property menu
  • Improved Best Buys/Best Selling Price Locator menu
  • Added "Locate in Sector Map" option to context menus
  • Added laser bay information to ship info menu
  • Added new instructions to script editor and mission director
  • Enabled mods to add news articles to the encyclopedia


  • Disabled use of more than 2GB RAM again due to bugs
  • Renamed Mercenary stations as Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Fixed flak weapons becoming inactive after saving
  • Fixed references to destroyed homebases of wings
  • Fixed Jump and Fly to command for ships and wings
  • Fixed wing jumpdrive energy display
  • Fixed Attack Shields command
  • Fixed Universal Traders flying into hostile territory
  • Fixed issue when launching many marines
  • Fixed missile resupply settings on boarded ships
  • Fixed mission memory leak which led to slow savegames
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

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