Product Update - Valve
15. jul 2009
Updates to RailWorks have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

  • Fixed RWProc InvalidFormat errors experienced by some users
  • Added more error logging if RWProc crashes
  • Added missing DLL causing error for some users
  • Forced deletion of blueprints.pak cache when needed
  • Wagon Hunt assigned a night weather pattern
  • Class 37 nose and window fix
  • Package Manager performance increase
  • Diesel pump at Almsfeld fixed
  • Distant people added as scenario placable objects
  • Siding extended at Writhlington and minor track properties fix
  • Adjusted ES44 and SD40-2 headout camera postions
  • Added Notched Throttles to ES44 and SD40-2 locomotives
  • Corrected the speed limit of Up Mainline near Cholsey on Oxford-Paddington route
  • Fixed flying fence near Slough on Oxford-Paddington route
  • Added missing signal at Littfeld on Hagen-Siegen route
  • Fixed flying road at Eichen on Hagen-Siegen route

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