Product Update - Valve
14 เม.ย. 2009
Updates to X3:Terran Conflict have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

New Features and Improvements:
  • The Aldrin Expansion Missions
  • New Terran factories available to the player
  • A new ship variation, the USC Baldric Miner
  • Additional support for computers with more than 2GB RAM
  • An elusive Yaki shipyard added to the universe
  • Keris Production Complex added to the universe
  • Advanced Drone Factories available to the player
  • Advanced Drone Factories and Drone Production Complexes added to the universe
  • New Experimental Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon Factory added to the universe
  • Drone Production Complexes renamed to Drone Factories
  • Station production information now available at shipyards
  • OTAS Sirokos available at the corporation shipyard after successful employment
  • Kills by player owned ships now counted during several fight missions
  • Build mission rewards rebalanced
  • Increased chance of the Destroy Convoy mission
  • Improved station building cutscenes
  • Fixed occasional crash when traveling through HUB gate
  • Fixed ships being moved far away from the HUB
  • Find Headquarters mission fixed
  • Strong Arm Corporation mission offer fixed
  • Homebase reset for ships in return ship missions
  • Boreas laser generator reduced
  • Various exploits fixed
  • Mobile mining efficiency balanced
  • Ship approach during boarding improved
  • Several script fixes including the Universal Trader
  • Corrected property menu filters and improved layout
  • Fixed AI giving commands to captured or boarded ships
  • Re-activated idle ships belonging to Orbital Weapon Platforms
  • Several stations, including Terran stations, now rebuilt after being destroyed
  • Several cockpit and turret positions improved
  • Disabled erroneous rotations of towed stations
  • Towed ship now follows lead ship through gates

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