Product Update - Valve
Apr 13, 2009
Updates to Merchants of Brooklyn have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Merchants of Brooklyn
  • Fixed bug where characters would walk in place sometimes
  • Added charge indicator for Roman Candle
  • Added missing animations for Roman Candle
  • Fixed sound problems with some weapons
  • Made it much harder for flying objects to instantly kill the player
  • Made the final boss fight much more interesting
  • Made it so it's possible to player single player when Steam is in offline mode
  • Optimized some AI behaviors which should give a small performance increase
  • Reworked the DJ fight to significantly increase performance during the fight
  • Fixed bug where music would stop playing if the player pauses the game, then alt+tabs out, then resumes play
  • Several small fixes to all the levels
  • Fixed collision meshes on several objects
  • Fixed some situations where decals would float in the air
  • Added more destroyable objects to all levels
  • Fixed problems with Split Shot rockets in multiplayer
  • Made it so the dedicated server can be run on an account that didn't buy the game, so you can play on your own server if you're on a different computer
  • Fixed some bugs in multiplayer voice chat
  • Added XBox 360 controller support

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