Product Update - Valve
Feb 9, 2004
An update for all Steam games has just been released. See below for a list of what's included. As always, Steam will update your games automatically. Dedicated Servers will be required to restart. If you're a server admin and you have trouble using the HLDS update tool, you can download the latest dedicated server updates here.

    ENGINE (all games)
  • Small CPU optimizations
  • Stop motdfile from having "..","","/" or ":" characters in filename

  • Added new command line option "-dll"; Syntax is -dll [game_dll_to_load]

  • Fix for updated files on the server not getting to the client when using compression

  • Fixed extremely large rcon packets not being returned correctly

  • Increased hit damage for elite pistols (slightly)

  • Decreased price for elite pistols to $800

  • Optimized entity lookup routines to reduce CPU load

  • Fix xm1014 and m3 from making endless empty clip sounds when out of ammo

  • Fixed shield bug where client could purchase multiple primary weapons

  • Cstrike spectator health fix (switching players sometimes left health display incorrect)

  • Cstrike lastinv fix (lastinv works at start of round, after picking up items, etc)

  • Cstrike corpse popping fix

  • Cstrike FL_FAKECLIENT fix (3rd-party bots should work fine in cstrike once more)

  • Fixed file leak in ReadWaveFile() function

  • Change white background to black for status bar on console app

  • Added support for command menu

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