Product Update - Valve
9. úno. 2009
Updates to Mayhem Intergalactic have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

New/changed features
  • Private chat. To send a private chat message to a player called Bob, type /msg bob Hi Bob!. Names can be abbreviated. /whisper or /tell can be used instead of /msg.
  • The message log on the information bar (click the button at the top-left or press Tab) now features improved formatting and scroll buttons.
  • Chat box will now stay open permanently during the multiplayer pre-game settings screen. If it's empty when the game starts, then it closes itself automatically.
  • Chat messages now have a partially-transparent black background to aid readability.
  • You can now see your own ping.
  • If only AIs are left in a multiplayer game (including if all human players are in disconnected state), end the game.

Bugs fixed
  • Fixed: Rifts sometimes weren't visible to remote clients.

  • Fixed: Observers were being assigned starting planets on custom maps, and could attempt to send orders to the ships on those planets (without success).

  • Fixed: Players in disconnected state didn't get sent to newly-connecting observers.

  • Fixed: /ban command was crashing server in presence of non-networked players.

  • Fixed: /kick command could be used on oneself.

  • Fixed: Removed ghostly grey "e" near End Turn button.

  • Fixed: A mistyped console command showed up as chat.

  • Fixed: Some bugs in internationalisation support.

  • Fixed: Invalid map errors no longer crash the game.

  • Fixed: mayhemig.exe would sometimes hang around using 100% of the CPU after game exit.

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