Product Update - Valve
Mar 28, 2016
* Added smart-doubletap behavior to items.
* Shift+control group is now add selection to control group, instead of add control group to selection.
* Fixed a bug where if you used CRTL+ability bind key to learn an ability and you had quickcast on key up enabled, it would level up the ability twice.
* Fixed a bug where if you had quickcast keys bound, but not normal ability casts, then autocast would not work unless explicitly bound.
* Fixed a bug where autocast would not work with hero-specific keybinds unless explicitly bound.
* Fixed a bug where Quickcast keybinds wouldn't appear in the hud
* Fixed Lycan portrait.
* Fixed a crash with Invoker when only Quickcast keys were bound.
* Fixed the -givebots cheat command.
* Fixed autocompletion of dota_create_item console command.
* Re-enabled dota_camera_disable_yaw.

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