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Mar 15, 2016
For a number of years we’ve had a system in place to notify you when a game on your Steam Wishlist goes on a certain type of sale such as Midweek Madness or Daily Deal. Then about a year and a half ago, we began also sending notifications for the release of popular games to people with that game on their Steam Wishlist. This has expanded over time to include more releasing titles, but we haven’t been ready to turn it on for all new releases until now.

As of today, there are now more opportunities for you to receive e-mail notifications about the games on Steam you are interested in and more options for you to opt out of specific kinds of notifications you are not interested in. Here are the new options:

  1. More Discount Types
    If a game is on your Steam Wishlist, we’ll now send you an e-mail if any type of discount is applied on that game. This includes Midweek Madness, Weekend Deal, Daily Deal, and now Weeklong Deals (which start on Mondays and run for a week) as well as any custom configured discounts which developers can define to start and end on other days of the week.

  2. More New Releases
    If a game is on your Steam Wishlist, we’ll now send you an e-mail when that game has released or transitioned out of Early Access. If you browse through upcoming releases or if you’ve happened to find an upcoming title you’re interested in and added it to your wishlist, we’ll send you an e-mail when that game becomes playable on Steam. Also, we’ll let you know if a game on your wishlist transitions from Early Access to fully-released.

  3. Games You’ve Followed or Favorited in Greenlight
    If you’ve participated in voting on Games in Steam Greenlight and opted to Follow or Favorite one of those games, we’ll now let you know when that game becomes playable on Steam.

Managing E-mail Preferences
We know that not everyone may want these e-mail notifications, so we’ve made it easy to opt out of specific types of notifications or all e-mails entirely. Just follow this link to manage your preferences: https://store.steampowered.com/account/emailoptout. You can also find this link on the bottom of any official Steam marketing e-mail you receive.

Do you want more types of e-mail notifications? Have feedback on notifications in general? Let us know in the Steam Suggestions forums.

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