Client Update - Valve
2003. okt. 28.
A Steam update has just been released. It is a fixed version of last week's update, so the list of what's included is the same:
  • Added support for "trickle update", which will allow updates to games to be delivered over time before they are activated.

  • Optimizations in Steam targeted at reducing CPU and memory load on some systems.

  • Progress dialog always shows now during startup.

  • Fixed handling of cache fingerprint mismatch on reconnect

  • Fixed case which would cause the preloader ignoring errors to send extra messages to the Steam servers.

  • Fixed bug in Steam that would cause cache to be validated too often when Steam started. This would cause hard drive thrashing.

  • Fixed a potential lockup case and access violation case in Steam.

We've also added support for ATI bundle product keys. So it is now possible for purchasers of new ATI video cards to use their product keys for subscriptions to the Valve Premier Pack. (Half-Life 2 will be added to the subscription when it comes out.)

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