Client Update - Valve
Sep 24, 2003
Here are some of the things we've been working on during the past few days, which will be released soon.

    STEAM (release slated for later today)
  • Fix for bug where users are getting "UserIDTicket Invalid" when connecting to servers

  • Fixed 3rd-party games not launching correctly if other command line options were specified

  • Added install path registry key so that MODs know where to install

  • Fix connections staying open to content servers once they have been instantiated

  • Allow for a proper message when there is a protocol mismatch between the Steam client and a Steam backend server

  • Fixed bug in 'remember password' functionality

  • Fixed game->properties listing a games' status as 'launching...' even after the game had finished being launched

  • Changed cybercafe security features to only be enabled if 'remember password' is checked in login

  • Changed 'delete cache' button to require password if cybercafe account

  • Fixed bug where Steam would crash when it lost its content server connection

  • Full localization pass on all languages

  • COUNTER-STRIKE (to be released within the next couple of days)
  • Fix shield drop weapon server crash

  • Fix shield exploit

  • New version of de_cbble

  • DAY OF DEFEAT (release later this week)
  • New version of Flugplatz

  • New version of Escape

  • FRIENDS & SERVER BROWSER (release this weekend or early next week)
  • Fixed problem with not always being able to re-add friends after removing them

  • Fixed case where authorization request dialog could appear multiple times from the same user

  • Fixed chat messages & authorization requests stealing focus and not starting minimized

  • Fixed auto-away not working

  • Removed 'about' dialog

  • Fixed add-on (checkers, etc) invites when in game appearing over the top of the game, instead of just in the gameUI area

  • Removed unnecessary bind() calls for client UDP sockets

  • Chat dialogs now add a message into the text whenever the other user changes status

  • Fixed spurious character in Game Info dialog

  • Change 'time' info in game info player list to be in hours:minutes:seconds instead of just seconds

  • Changed game info player list to default to sorting by score, then time

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