Client Update - Valve
Sep 3, 2008
A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include:

Steam Client
  • Added Czech and Hungarian language option
  • Optimized where clients get the list of available applications and subscriptions
  • Under-the-hood Steamworks API improvements for future titles
  • Changed desktop .ico files and games list .tga files to be downloaded on demand, instead of being a blocking download during startup
  • Fixed serverbrowser not refreshing the internet list the first time it was displayed if it was right on startup
  • Fixed hardware survey not always saving that you said you did not want to participate
  • Fixed IMs from popping up while in-game
  • Fixed the bug that removes one character per line of copied text when pasting into a chat text entry
  • Fixed a crash on shutdown in some Source engine games
  • Fixed some bad text in Polish in the Friends list

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