Client Update - Valve
Nov 12, 2014
Steam Client Update Released

An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Add finer-grained download throttling settings
  • Fixed crash in rich text controls
  • Fixed setting passwords for private beta branches with no content change
  • Added retail disc support for FreeOnDemand apps without cd-keys
  • Fixed couple screenshot uploader bugs in displaying the number of characters left in caption
  • Fixed Steam Cloud sync issues when re-launching a game immediately after exiting it
  • Added support for playback of full screen HTML5 videos in the Web Browser
  • Fixed a race condition that could lead to a crash in rare cases on Steam startup
  • Screenshot manager dialog layout improved to account for longer localized strings
  • Music background mask updated to improve foreground content legibility
  • Fixed missing "repeat once" UI string in the desktop Music player
  • Desktop client graphics updated (Big Picture controller icon, Background images)
  • Fix performance problem with large numbers of concurrent p2p connections.

Big Picture
  • Allow the controller related game launch prompt to be turned off for a game
  • Fixed being able to add free games and free DLC to your library
  • Added filtering of promotional messages by platform and controller type
  • Fixed positioning of some Store carousels when running in low resolutions
  • Added Early Access indicator to game panel in note section
  • Added controller and OS support icons to DLC view
  • Fixed getting stuck at Downloads page with no way to leave
  • Store and Library improvements have been made to help users identify locally playable content. For more information, visit
  • Locally playable content featured by default, as OS or input device warrants
  • Store settings added to enable advanced users to view all Steam content, regardless of local playability
  • Optional dropdown added to Store, to enable advanced users to quickly switch between viewing locally playable and all Steam content
  • Search results display locally playable content first
  • Notes, icons, and cart warning added to store views to indicate additional input and in-home streaming requirements, as applicable
  • Library default view set to display locally playable games, as appropriate
  • Improved playback of videos in the Web Browser
  • Fixed youtube videos reloading when switching tabs in the Web Browser

  • Fixed a race leading to a rare crash when exiting Steam on Windows
  • Improved in-game overlay compatibility with some newer d3d11 games that utilize IDXGIFactory2 (Audiosurf 2)

Mac OS X
  • Fixed the TAB key not working correctly in Web forms
  • Retina display graphics improved (Checkboxes and radio buttons)

  • Fixed web views not displaying if you run Steam under multiple OS user accounts

In-Home Streaming
  • Fixed a regression preventing the stream from stopping when a game exits
  • Fixed flickering on NVIDIA SLI host configurations

  • Fixed crash when updating a Workshop item using the ISteamUGC interface with a NULL change description
  • Cached retrieved guides displayed in the overlay

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