Product Update - Valve
Aug 25, 2014
  • Fixed bug where the mini-map image generation did not correctly respect the mini-map bounds entities in all cases
  • Fixed bug with clouds showing up in mini-map images
  • Fixed bug with npc_dota_base entities not displaying correct orientation in Hammer
  • Fixed crash when item socket info was missing
  • Fixed occasional crash clicking the compendium 'Learn More' button
  • Fixed a crash when bots were playing heroes with modified abilities
  • Added many new modifier events to the data driven ability system: OnAttack, OnAttackFailed, OnAttackAllied, OnCreated, OnProjectileDodge, OnEquip, OnOrder, OnUnitMoved, OnAbilityStart, OnAbilityEndChannel, OnStateChanged, OnRespawn, OnSpentMana, OnTeleporting, OnTeleported, OnHealthGained, OnManaGained, OnHeroKilled, OnHealReceived
  • Fixed a crash bug with data-driven items with auras
  • Can now use %attack_damage in data-driven abilities to get the damage an attack has inflicted
  • Exposed SetAcquisitionRange in script which can now be used to control the aggro range of units
  • Added "npc_kill" as a cheat console command
  • Base strength, agility and intellect can now be set to zero on custom units
  • Added table-based NPC spawn function CreateUnitFromTable to allow arbitrary entity keyvalues
  • Exposed the ParticleManager:DestroyParticle call
  • Think functions now get the entity as a parameter
  • Changed dota_player_used_ability to use PlayerID as an argument to conform with other events and the documentation
  • ScriptedSpawner now spawns units on the same team as the spawner itself
  • Fixed bug where units could be stuck inside a point_obstruction when toggled on. New behavior will push units to a clear space if caught inside when enabled

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