Product Update - Valve
Aug 15, 2014
  • Added additional entities to improve custom game creation

    • New entity "dota_custom_game_events" added

    • New entity "filter_dota" added

    • New entity "point_simple_obstruction" added

    • New mesh entity "trigger_dota" added

    • When placing an "npc_dota_base" entity in Hammer the unit type can now be selected and previewed

    • Creeps and neutrals have been grouped into prefabs for easy drag and drop placement

    • Added a new template addon "adventure_example" to demonstrate usage of the new entities

  • With the most recent Steam update, the Steam Beta Participation requirement has been removed

  • Fixed a number of connection issues when playing and connecting to custom games

  • Fixed crash when loading a map while viewing a showcased hero

  • Entity "point_worldtext" now respects the color field

  • Fixed issue where models placed in Hammer would sometimes appear in the wrong pose

  • Fixed bug with modelscale not working properly with custom units

  • Fixed crash when a script called FindEntityByName with a nil entity name

  • Fixed crash when opening the hero loadout

  • Fixed an occasional crash when leveling up abilities in custom games

  • Video settings are now saved (except texture quality)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing video resolution

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