Product Release - Valve
Apr 14, 2014
Hive - The Ladybug, all new content for Hive is Now Available on Steam and is 34% off!*

Hive - The Ladybug is an expansion piece for the core Hive game.

The Ladybug adds some new tactics to traditional Hive. The Ladybug works as kind of a cross between a Spider and a Beetle. They are able to climb up on top of the hive for 2 spaces before they must ascend back down to the main level. This allows you to move quickly and easily across the hive in ways your previously couldn't to allow you to sneak up on your opponent!

You can use the Ladybug in all of the game modes available in the core Hive game, including online, local, and games against the computer. You can also earn new achievements that can only be granted using the Ladybug!

*Offer ends April 21 at 10AM Pacific Time

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