Product Release - Valve
Feb 13, 2014
GTGD S1: More Than a Gamer is Now Available on Steam!

Learn how to develop a game!

Gamer To Game Developer Series 1 consists of 30 hours of video tutorials where I teach you how to develop a prototype multiplayer FPS from scratch using Unity free and the C# programming language. Learning to code never gets old.

I’ve designed these tutorials for gamers who have no experience with using Unity or programming. I'm also going to show you that you CAN achieve what appears to be too hard to achieve if you put your mind and effort into it. GTGD S1 is proof of that. I'm just a lone hobby developer who spent a few years carefully developing GTGD S1 and now it's a title that benefits people, and has also been Greenlit and accepted for distribution on Steam. It's a deeply humbling achievement for me and I find it difficult to describe the satisfaction I feel with words.

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