Product Update - Valve
Nov 15, 2013
- Trading functionality has been restored.

- Earth Spirit: Fixed an issue with Refreshing Rolling Boulder while already rolling.
- Earth Spirit: Fixed refreshed Boulder Smash causing units to teleport.
- Earth Spirit: Fixed a smashed Stone Remnant that got gripped still applying damage and silence to units in its old path.
- Earth Spirit: Fixed Magnetize and Rolling Boulder not applying their debuffs to magic immune enemies.
- Ember Spirit: Fixed Flame Guard doing damage in too slow of intervals.
- Ember Spirit: Fixed some cases where Searing Chains could do less damage tickets
- Storm Spirit: Fixed Storm Spirit not showing the minimap while in Ball Lightning.
- Death Prophet: Fixed Exorcism ghosts attacking Attack Immune targets.
- Meepo: Fixed clones not gaining XP.
- Rubick: Can no longer steal Stone Caller.
- Fixed legacy_mode_quick_cast interaction with items to test.
- Fixed a crash when using Keeper of the Light in last-hit practice games.
- Fixed Wisp subtitles.
- Reduced Stone Remnant model size

- Fixed the lava trail effect not having a name and having the wrong color values at default.
- Fixed missing Tabard of the Crested Cannoneer from Sing's Artillery of the Crested Cannoneer Set. Users that have already purchased this set have been granted the missing item.
- Fixed health bar in HUD sometimes being invisible at match start.
- Fixed an issue with Quick Buy for Coaches and Spectators.
- The Inscribed, Autographed, and Ascendant qualities will only be applied to items that have no other quality and will be removed when the item is hammered.
- Qualities that got into a weird state from gems (like missing genuine tags) will be restored this afternoon.
- Heroic items will now display their tournament properties correctly.
- The lava trail unusual effect should now have its correct appearance as well as an effect name.


- Increased the drop rate of special rewards given for killing higher levels of Roshan to 33% per level.

When you start Sugar Rush (Phase 2):
- All heroes are upgraded to level 25.
- Your gold now counts up at 1000/sec.
- Pudge's Flesh Heap is reset to 1.
- The timer to fight Roshan doesn't start until he either takes damage or 5 minutes have elapsed.

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