Product Update - Valve
Aug 27, 2013
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added Chemistry Sets as a bonus drop. Chemistry Sets are recipe items that have varying inputs and varying outputs. You can complete a Chemistry Set by fulfilling all of its inputs, which will then give you the items it has listed in its outputs.
  • The in-game player status panel has been updated to show an animated image of your character with their current loadout
    • Can be disabled in Advanced Options
  • Added Romevision sharing: anyone playing Mann vs. Machine on the same server with an owner of the Hardy Laurel can now opt-in to Romevision
    • Manage your Romevision preference in the Advanced Options dialog
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Jarate and Mad Milk from applying to all targets within range
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Marked For Death icon to stay in the world after the owning player died
  • Fixed a bug that would allow Spies to exploit the Kunai's higher overheal limit
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Medigun's "Share Power Ups" upgrade from working correctly in Mann vs. Machine mode
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the last few characters of text to be lost when copying text from input fields
  • Fixed a client sv_cheats exploit related to the commentary dialog
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the shotgun shell model to appear incorrectly third-person when using the Family Business
  • Improved bot pathing behavior around ramps
  • Bots can now reflect energy-based projectiles
  • Fixed incorrect alpha in the backpack images for the Valley Forge and the Founding Father
  • The Foppish Physician and the Distinguished Rogue are now paintable and are team-colored by default
  • Added server log entries for jarate_attack and milk_attack when using Jarate, Mad Milk, or the Sydney Sleeper
  • Fixed using an incorrect path for downloaded custom player sounds
  • Fixed duplicate support/mission icons in the Mann vs. Machine HUD
  • Don't allow players without admin access on the server to use the various entity-creating commands to create point_servercommand entities
  • Updated cp_egypt_final
    • Fixed players building inside of Blu's first spawn
  • Updated cp_manor_event
    • Fixed players building in rafters
  • Updated cp_mountainlab
    • Fixed clip brush exploit above hallway leading toward final cap
    • Fixed exploit where players could be trapped in small space near final cap using teleporters
  • Updated plr_hightower
    • Added nobuild to cliff bottom to prevent engineers building in the kill volume
  • Removed Salvage Crate #50
  • Removed Mann Co Supply Crate #56
  • Added Mann Co Select Reserve Crate #60
  • Added Mann Co Supply Crate #71
  • Updated the localization files

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