Product Update - Valve
Aug 13, 2013
The Pit: MindGames 1.1.5 - 1.1.6

- Partial Big Picture compatibility! (screen text still refers to keyboard).
- Added controller support (Xbox 360 clones).
- Added border support for TVs (in options).

- Can no longer use Duplication ability on Bio-Mods.
- Increased max-health regeneration amount while resting.
- Hologram for Glamour/Image Inducer no longer gets stuck on after reloading.
- Can no longer remove items from Starting Rooms (purple rooms) lockers unless starting there.
- Various AI tweaks.

Other Changes
- Psion and Ranger now available in Easy by default.
- Added slider to XP donater in Starting Rooms.
- Donated XP now worth more.
- All skills when beginning in Starting Rooms only cost 1 point to increase, but have a maximum cap.
- New monsters!
- New weapons!
- New recipes!

Default Controller Scheme


LStick: - Move / windows Select (eg highlighting Lockpick Kit when interacting with Door)
A: - Interact / windows Select confirm (eg confirming use of Lockpick Kit)
LStick: - Next Tab/Panel/Section in UI (eg moving active area from inventory to cooker when in Crafting UI)
RTrigger: - Attack
RStick: - Target
X: - Reload
Y: - Pickup item
B: - Cancel / Menu


LTrigger: - Modifier (see "Modified:" below)

Guide: - Open Steam Community interface

RShoulder: - Modified: Next weapon
RStick: - Pressed: Skip Turn
- Pressed, Modified: Rest
LStick: - Modified: Facing (turn in place)
- Pressed: Zoom Out
- Pressed, Modified: Zoom In
Y: - Modified: Pickup multiple items
DPad: - Weapon Shortcut 1,2,3,4 (clockwise from top)
- Modified: Psionic Shortcut 5,6,7,8 (clockwise from top)

Start: - Open SotsDex
X: - Delete messages in SotsDex => Messages

Back: - Open Psionics

Character Stats
LShoulder: - Open Stats

RShoulder: - Open Inventory
LStick: - Modified: Move inventory item

To view map, press B (exit/cancel) and select Map from menu.

To select inventory filters, hold down LeftTrigger (modifier) and press LeftShoulder/RightShoulder (prev/next page)
Other examples include:
shortcuts when inventory is open
shortcuts when psionics are open
save/reload/reset for key bindings page


Fixed Bugs
- No longer able to view controlled characters inventory if player's inventory was open
when control switched.
- Dragging a BioMod from Tesseract Well onto a weapon/armor now consumes
the BioMod.
- Glamour would occasionally not turn off. Fixed. (no, really. fixed)
- Various sound fixes.

- Updated tutorial and Game HUD text for controllers. Big Picture Compliant!

- Added resolution settings so players can specify fullscreen resolution other than
their current desktop resolution. NOTE: These resolution settings are only for
fullscreen. In windowed mode, the user can resize the window as before.

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