Product Update - Valve
16 юли 2013
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Update Released
Rev: 77919

General Fixes:
- Major update: Addition of a new visual hint arrow & focus highlighting system for players using Telekinesis with a gamepad
- Minor modification to initial English gamepad-telekinesis focus tooltip in level 3 (to improve clarity)
- Update to have mouse start at the center of the screen when playing in full-screen mode
- Fix for rare/hard-to-reproduce crash-on-death issue

Level-specific Updates:
- Visual adjustment of misplaced Telekinesis-control point in level 7
- Minor level-design adjustments to levels 4 & 6 to improve gamepad controls for a few Telekinesis-enabled objects in those levels
- Minor tweak to point placement near the beginning of level 2

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