Product Update - Valve
May 25, 2013

  • Dedicated Server files added to the root of the game (arma3server.exe and supporting libraries)
  • Comprehensive lighting tweaking (details)
  • Environmental tweaks: sun, lens flares, material changes for changed lighting
  • Lights optimization
  • Lighting tweaks for vehicles (headlights, positional lights) and flashlights
  • Increased light intensity of muzzle flashes
  • Added: dedicated combat radio protocol
  • Added: dedicated stealth radio protocol
  • Fixed various radio protocol issues
  • Asset audio overhaul: volume balancing, WAV to WSS conversion and more (details)
  • Alarm sound now also configured under CfgSounds, as “Alarm”
  • Improved Ka 60 fire geometry
  • Various types of lights on the Ka 60 improved (placement, parameters)
  • Fixed: (Ka 60 rotor collisions)
  • Fixed: (wrong Ka 60 horizon indication)
  • Adjusted mass distribution of MH-9
  • Fixed: Position lights of helicopters have been adjusted
  • AI helicopter handling improved
  • Improved ‘fording depth’ for helicopters to deal with ‘landing’ on water better
  • Speedboat (minigun) now uses correct muzzle points
  • Fixed: (top-speed gear change for the Hunter)
  • Fixed: Tweaked fire geometry (mostly glasses) for the Hunter
  • Tweaked MRAPs' maximum light radius to improve performance
  • MRAPs should have tracers every third shot now
  • Fixed: (helicopter wreck's smoke and electricity effect did not stop after wreck was deleted)
  • Launcher AI settings and weapon performance configuration tweaked
  • Various (missile) ammunition behavior tweaks (maneuvering, locking, etc.)
  • Material penetration properties modified
  • Fixed: (MXM suppressor)
  • Holosights have been replaced by ACO for Katiba
  • 12.7mm HMG Rate of Fire fixed
  • Tweaked missiles for AH-9 to be better used by AI
  • Adjusted DAGR locking cone and adjusted its AI characteristics
  • Fixed: NLAW and RPG-32 optics rotated by 0.7° down, muzzle 0.7° up for better aiming by both for players and AI
  • Fixed: MXM and MX SW handles have better materials
  • Range Master character added
  • All chest rigs should be of better visual quality
  • BLUFOR marksman's has changed its color to match his uniform
  • Removed hand grenades from helicopter pilots and crew
  • Diver UW magazine count modified
  • Automatic rifleman shouldn't have a tracer round every bullet anymore
  • Removed little cubes from BLUFOR rifleman's right wrist
  • Fixed: Missing texture of backpack has been re-mapped
  • Movement speed tweaking and unification deployed
  • Various little tweaks and fixes on common houses
  • Fixed: (fuel station coloration after destruction)
  • Fixed: (telephone pole collisions)
  • Added numberOfDoors parameter to structure configs
  • Added numberOfHatches parameter to structures configs
  • Reduced durability of reflectors and markerlights on structures
  • Added baked lighting for crowns and trunks of trees and shrubs (macro maps)
  • Last / distant LOD for plants improved
  • Fixed: various bush material / alpha shaders
  • Smoke shell effect tweaked
  • Rocket effects tweaked
  • Blood hit and fire dust effects tweaked
  • Added small settlement near Kamino firing range
  • Stratis bridges improved for characters and vehicles
  • Stratis environmental settings tweaked: lighting (night and underwater), fog, haze, colors
  • Tweaks to Stratis lamp placements
  • Fixed: Sandbag barriers adjusted on Stratis
  • Added: New system for displaying scenario overview information
  • Side colors are now customizable. Two presets are available; one based on previous Arma 3 colors (default) and one recreating the Arma 2 scheme
  • Author's name in scenario overview is formatted like "by %s". If undefined "by Unknown Community Author" is displayed
  • Added tooltips to CListBox and key presets
  • Added: When the default (GUI) color is updated, it will be forced for all users who were using the previous default
  • Welcome Screen no longer shown for new profiles made during the same session
  • Fixed: White background when downloading scenarios looked like the game stopped responding. Custom color used instead of white
  • Added: Debriefing now shows number of respawns instead of reverts in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Quick command linked to the old communications menu
  • Added: Correct cursor for supports communications menu
  • Added: Framework for respawn templates - custom scripts and functions executed when player dies and respawns (details)
  • Added: Currently existing respawn effects (e.g., seagull, spectator camera, ...) moved to the respawn templates
  • Added: Communication menu manager
  • Function BIS_fnc_objectsGrabber would sometimes not close the output Array
  • Fixed: Functions viewer was not working when launched from mission editor
  • Added: Adding new control presets and their tooltips
  • Fixed: Notification area is now wider
  • Fixed: Debug console was not visible when launched from Splendid camera in non-editor mission
  • Field Manual Commanding / Move hint improved
  • BIS_fnc_arrayShuffle added to functions
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_infoText was using obsolete sound
  • Added: A notification is displayed when a new communication menu item is added
  • Fixed: allowFunctionsRecompile description.ext param had no effect
  • Added: BIS_fnc_loadInventory throws an error when non-existent uniform is added
  • Added: BIS_fnc_MP now accepts SIDE type as a target. Function will be executed on computers of all players on the given side
  • Optimized: BIS_fnc_selectRandomWeighted
  • Added: Variable header added to local functions
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_sortBy ignored entries with duplicate values
  • Danger FSM: Script command setUnitPosWeak used instead of setUnitPos. Priority of event DCCanFire is higher now
  • Fixed: Chromatic aberration remained when camera was launched from the pause menu
  • Removed: pauseOnLoad.sqf redundant script
  • Optimized: Module framework now loads modules significantly faster and takes less time during a mission
  • Added: BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen and BIS_fnc_endLoadingScreen - a simple loading screen manager which gives a designer the ability to control his / her loads without fear of breaking others
  • Added: Error message will now interrupt loading screen
  • Fixed: The default editor template was still calling functions
  • Fixed: Feedback FSM optimization
  • Fixed: When respawnOnStart was set to 1 in description.ext, death scripts were sometimes executed after respawn scripts
  • Added: Correct ETA for mortar support in SCUBA mission
  • New Dedicated Server parameters for configuring ports for Steam services (should allow multiple DS per OS-instance) (details)
  • Updated to Physx3.2.4
  • Fixed several MP synchronization issues
  • Fixed several crash opportunities in SP and MP
  • Several inventory interaction and stability fixes
  • Removed destroyed buildings from PhysX simulation
  • Fixed: Wheel speed in damaged or destroyed state
  • Dynamic light influence to AI visibility tweaked
  • Tweaked darkness coefficient computation for AI visibility and NVG threshold for AI
  • Fixed: Hard limit usage while performing light sorting
  • Added: New hard limits implemented into particle lights
  • Added: New parameters for particle effects (global variants of surfNormalX, Y and Z)
  • Fixed: Starting scenarios from subfolders did not work correctly
  • Fixed: Audio distance curve
  • Added: Radio filter / effect
  • Fixed: MX UGL had a displaced crosshair
  • Added: Loiter waypoint
  • Fixed: AI will not eject before player
  • Fixed: Taking additional ammo for pistol would play reloading sound
  • Fixed: Certain magazines could not be moved to another container from backpacks
  • Fixed: RMB in inventory (moving from backpack to your own backpack) lost the item
  • Fixed: Headgear items when on the ground (WeaponHolder) were missing the 'Take' action
  • Fixed: Backpack items when on the ground (WeaponHolder) were missing the 'Take' action
  • Fixed: Sidearm taken from enemies are duplicated if put into the vest or backpack
  • Fixed: Texture flickering on wrecks
  • Fixed: Tooltip crash in MP sessions listbox
  • Fixed: (crash when trying to bind controls - drag and drop)
  • Added lbSetTooltip script command
  • Removed redundant CfgFirstAid >> firstAidScript
  • Small optimization of face mimics
  • Fixed: enableFatigue command was not working
  • Fixed: Manual control for locked missiles works again
  • Added: Most detailed shadow lod is now displayed in view pilot
  • Fixed: Helicopters engines now are damaged correctly upon contact with water

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