Product Update - Valve
21 май 2013
An update to Left 4 Dead 2 Beta has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Left 4 Dead 2 Beta. The major changes include:

- Fixed possible insta-kill when shoving a jockey who is mid-leap
- Fixed Cold Stream image in Campaign select menu
- Remove ammo piles in Gib Fest Mutation

- ent.GetEntityIndex()
- ent.EyePosition()
- ent.GiveItem( itemname ) - Give an item/weapon by name. ("health", "katana", "rifle_ak47", etc.)
- ent.GetButtonMask() - returns a bitfield of currently pressed buttons. Recognized buttons are: IN_ATTACK, IN_ATTACK2, IN_JUMP, IN_DUCK, IN_FORWARD, IN_BACK, IN_USE, IN_MOVELEFT, IN_MOVERIGHT, IN_RELOAD

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