Erneuert das simultane, rundenbasierte Strategiegenre und ermöglicht Ihnen detaillierte, akkurate Kommandos für Ihr Squad.
Nutzerreviews: Sehr positiv (2,101 Reviews) - 82% der 2,101 Nutzerreviews für dieses Spiel sind positiv.
Veröffentlichung: 26. Mai 2011

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“Unaufhörlich spannend.”
9/10 – EDGE
“Ausgezeichnet und erfinderisch ... eine wahre Errungenschaft.”
9/10 – Eurogamer
“Eines der brillantesten Spiele, das ich seit Jahren gespielt habe.”
95% – bit-gamer

Über dieses Spiel

Frozen Synapse ist das ultimative Taktikspiel für Ihren PC und Mac.
Es bringt das simultan-rundenbasierte Strategiespielgenre auf den neusten Stand und gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihrem Team detaillierte, präzise Befehle zu geben: klassisches Gameplay mit einer modernen Oberfläche.
Planen Sie jeden Ihrer Schritte, testen Sie sie, drücken Sie dann den "Prime" Schalter: beide Züge - Ihre und die Ihres Feindes - werden simultan ausgeführt.
Kompetitiver-aber-intuitiver Mehrspielermodus und eine riesige Einzelspielerkampagne bedeuten, dass Frozen Synapse Ihnen stundenlanges taktisches Vergnügen bereiten wird.


  • Erhalten Sie mit jedem Kauf eine KOSTENLOSE Vollversion des Spiels für einen Freund
  • 5 herausfordernde Mehrspielermodi, unter anderem die innovativen, auf Ansagen basierenden Modi “Secure” und “Hostage Rescue”
  • Eine 55 Missionen umfassende Einzelspielerkampagne mit dynamischen Dialogen und spannender Geschichte in der nahen Zukunft
  • Leistungsfähiger Gefechtsgenerator
  • Integration von Facebook, Twitter und YouTube
  • 15 Steam-Errungenschaften
  • Integrierter IRC-Chat sowie diverse andere Community-Funktionen
  • Zufallsgeneration in Kombination mit handgefertigtem Inhalt gewährleisten, dass kein Level und keine Karte der anderen gleicht
  • Von Kritikern gefeierter elektronischer Soundtrack vom Musiker nervous_testpilot


Mac OS X
    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Prozessor: 1.6 GHz
    • Speicher: 512 MB
    • Grafik: integrierte Grafikkarte
    • DirectX®:
    • Festplatte: 220 MB
    • Sound:
    • Betriebssystem: OS X Version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3 oder besser.
    • Prozessor: 1 GHz PowerPC (oder Intel)
    • Speicher: 512 MB
    • Grafik:
    • Festplatte: 220 MB
    • Sound:
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
17 von 19 Personen (89%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
2 Personen fanden dieses Review lustig
266.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25. Oktober 2015
This is one of the most intelligent games ever created. Like chess, it requires careful planning and predicting the moves of your opponent. Unlike chess, it does not require years of training to play at the world-class level.

Don't buy if you dislike thinking.

Definitely buy if you're looking for a fun challenge for your brain.
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5 von 5 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
22.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 14. September 2015
A precursor to the know semi-reemerging genre of top down planning and individiual strategy. With door kickers and all the others, this game well before, its take on the approach is much different than the games that have come out since, involving PVP in many different modes, and actually fantastic campaign, and enough depth to be sure that whenever you lose a guy you know it was your fault.

What is it? Besides worth your time, Synapse is what came to fruition when you take old school rainbow six on a top down format. Instead of relying on your aim, and some modest planning, it relies purely on your mind and ability to place soldiers in positions that will end in your win, or at least a stalemate.

Depending on the game mode and otherwise, you typically start with 4 or 5 units, of varying classes, that all specialize in something different on one side of randomly generated maps, scattered across your designated field. You objective depending on the game mode can vary from exterminate all enemy forces while preserving as many of yours for a higher score, to securing or assasinating a hostage controlled by another human (and yes the online community is still very much alive, and with newbloods as well) to a whole sloo of other modes that I can't be bothered to describe.

Gameplay is what I can generalize for you, the core mechanics revolve around a system of "turns". Each turn is 5 seconds long consisting of you controlling these units by telling them what to do literally down to telling them to wait in a position for 2.4 seconds, do a quick 180, move forward two inches and then set up shop for an ambush. At the beginning of every turn and until you commit the turn you can constantly reposition not only your soliders, but the enemies, in an effort to play out what you think is likely for them to do. You can run through a turn 1000 times if you want to, setting your soldiers down differently, preparing for different enemy strategies, attempting to place soliders you may have seen a few turns ago somewhere else, accounting for every single detail, until you commit, and watch how that specific turn pans out.

The beauty of this lies in the execution of the UI, and controls. This game will live and die on your ability to access and utilize use these commands. And I'm only delighted to say that the devs delivered 10 fold on this area, easily one of the most accessible yet complex games I've played, and it all lies in the fact that you get to choose just how meticulous you are. The formula for this goes only as far down the rabbit hole as you are willing to take it, choose your oppenent based on how much time you plan on putting into a specific game, you choose to utilize the controls whenever you need them or if you need them, or give rudimentary orders that still get the job done for most.

To end this prematurely, I've enjoyed this game to a degree I feel I don't experience more than a few times a year, I always can come back for something fresh, something new with the generated maps, and varitions on game modes. I've been wanting to write this review for quite a while just to get out suppport for a creation that I believe goes over most of my fellow gamers heads due to the graphical quality or seemingly innaccessible concept. I cannot recommend it enough
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6 von 7 Personen (86%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
26.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25. August 2015
One of the most satisfying games i have ever played and also one the most difficult, never have i come across a game that requires this much thought. To play this game successfully you must take into consideration timing, line of sight, prediction of your opponent's movements as well as the limits of your units based on their type, movement and where they are aiming. While it can be frustrating at first and perhaps hard to get into, the satisfaction of that first perfect win will no doubt counter any doubts you had about the game.
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6 von 8 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27. November 2015
Hello community of Frozen Synapse, It's me Adrian Jenkins.

and here is my opinion of the game:

Frozen Synapse is a turn based stratergy game based on entirely skill with 6 different classes and about 3 different game modes and the abitlty to change the color of your team and the enemy team. I highly recommend this game to anyone who thinks there isn't a hard stratergy out there anymore.

Firstly, This game is just awesome and I do agree with some of my friends that this game it is hard for new players. I enjoy this game although I haven't tried Multiplayer mode I heard its balanced but I don't know how it works so I can't really talk about it expect it requires a lot of stratergy.

Secondly, There are 5(6) different classes now I put (6) in because there is a hidden class:
- Machine Gunner. (Rapid fire - Multi burst fire)
- Shotgun. (V shaped attack cone - Medium fire rate - Short range.)
- Sniper Rifle. (1.75-2 second aim time - Long range)
- Rocket Launcher. (Large AoE hit radius - Can blow walls and windows up - Infinite range - try not to shoot while crouched and behind a window)
- Granades. (Medium range - 1 shot per round)
- Finally the hidden class of Riot Shield.(to access this class you get 1 per granader you own.(I think that's how it works) (Stops any non explosive bullets as long as he is set up and facing the fire - Has no weapondary).

This game has a couple of different game modes such as:
- Elimination (Kill all enemies and win)
- Protect an area (Normally you have to protect an area for about 6-7 turns and you win)
- Extraction (An AI moves towards the exit zone with 2 useless guards and you win.)
All game modes have a turn based time limit of 1-50 turns.
- Normally quick games.
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6 von 8 Personen (75%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
0.2 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 1. September 2015
1 Word, Amazing, the soundtrack / Strategy based levels and matches are Unbelieveable , truly a game i would reccomend to people who like strategy! Very Addicting! 10/10
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