Reload for more shooting action with GundeadliGne, the 2nd title in the Gundemonium Collection
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发行日期: 2011年9月27日


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包含 3 件物品: GundeadliGne, Gundemonium Recollection, Hitogata Happa

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Reload for more shooting action with GundeadliGne, the 2nd title in the Gundemonium Collection - this anime-style side-scroller brings the intensity of the 'bullet hell' shooter genre to Steam. Take your place as a mercenary and assist in the effort to prevent the annihilation of mankind by the demons of the underworld. Grab a friend, lock and load your guns - play online together in co-op mode! Choose from two player characters, and fight to unlock the third! Four levels of difficulty will make your experience an intense battle. As an added bonus, choose from 6 Matrix Masters with different abilities to help you along your way.

Key features:

  • 5 levels of bullet hell craziness
  • Sweet old-school retro anime-style art
  • Two playable characters and an unlockable third
  • 6 Matrix Masters to choose from
  • 2 unlockable mission modes
  • 11 Steam achievements
  • Local two-player multiplayer mode
  • Steamworks two-player online multiplayer mode
  • Full online leaderboards
  • New arranged soundtrack by DM Ashura


    • Operating system: Windows® XP, Vista, or Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel® 1 GHz Processor (Recommended: 2 GHz)
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM (Recommended: 512 MB RAM)
    • Hard disk space: 500MB
    • Video: DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card
    • Sound: DirectSound-compatible Sound Card
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9 or above
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该系列是steam上较为有名的横板弹幕游戏 视频看着真的很风骚
本人是夏日特卖时,打包入的 因为便宜就没考虑太多 ,该系列三作都尝试了以后 +1是不行的! ,这一作给人的感觉印象是最好的。无论是手感和攻击方式上和另两作都有很大差距,手感相对更好,走位更加平滑和自由。我只玩了E的难度,加上中途的很多boos掉命以及掉枪,过关几乎不是难事。另外,在音乐方面作者也很用心的讲音乐设置成8bit模式和标准模式,玩家可以根据个人喜好修改。
然而,这都不是我写测评的目的 仅仅是这样的话我还懒得写 ,今天打开游戏时,偶然发现,这游戏居然支持线上对战! 致远星战况很好别问了 ,吓得我赶紧去安利了好友 虽然没什么卵用
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If you enjoy Touhou Project, you'll definitely enjoy this.
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This review is in fact for all 3 games part of the Gundemonium collection pack (Gundemonium Recollection, Gundeadligne and Hitogata Happa). They are great bullet hell doujin games, of course it's not worth a good old CAVE, but their scoring systems are good and save for Happa, easy to get into. They're probably your best choice to make your first steps into the manic shooter genre. And hats off to Rockin' Android, who not only translate these, but fix bugs (there are still updates today !), add features and cool remixed music. I recommend to buy all the stuff they release if you're into it or just curious.
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Words cannot describe how wonderful this game is. And DM Ashura's remix makes it even better.
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