Explore. Build. Conquer. EVE Online immerses you in a sci-fi experience where your every action can have rippling effects across a massive online universe. Team with and compete against over 500,000 players in epic starship battles or wage economic warfare on the galactic player-controlled market.
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Data de lançamento: 6/mai/2003

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"It might be the best online game ever made, but don’t tell anyone I told you that."
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21 de novembro de 2014

New Trailer & A Call To Arms – This is EVE!

When making trailers for EVE Online, it’s always been difficult for us to showcase our community’s passion and enthusiasm for all things New Eden.

This has always been the hardest thing for us to capture, process and display to the world in its most raw form, given your seemingly boundless creativity and dedication to the EVE Universe.

A few months ago a number of people at CCP decided to take on this challenge, and at the start of September we released a cluster-wide call to arms in order to collect the community’s most awesome moments from voice comms.

After weeks of editing, a lot of discussion and many hours of rendering here at CCP we hope that in some way we may have found a way to display the fun, frustrating, exhilarating and intense moments that the community has submitted to us in response to this call to arms.

We’d like to present a different view on producing a trailer for EVE.

This is a view that focuses less on EVE itself and more on the people who make it live and breathe. All of you, because without your mining, manufacturing, piracy, war declarations, spying, espionage and gatecamps, New Eden would be a pretty quiet and lifeless place.

Debuted at EVE Down Under, “This is EVE” is not only the newest trailer for EVE Online, it serves as a tribute and a thank you to the EVE Online community for twelve glorious years of mayhem, with the hope of many more to come.

“This is EVE” is available in two formats:

Uncensored & Raw (Contains Strong Language) - Samples from voice comms remain as they were when they were submitted to us.

PG-13 (Censored) - Samples from voice comms are censored when mean capsuleers say bad words..

Help us further with This is EVE!

Along with the release, we’d like to make a second call to arms for the community to translate “This is EVE” into all our supported languages (French, German & Russian), as we’d like to continue to put the creative power in your hands and enable the finest community in online gaming to showcase EVE Online.

We would eventually like to display these translated versions on the official CCP Games YouTube Channel, with full credits to those whose videos are featured.

You can submit to your localized versions of This is EVE by mailing share@eveonline.com.

We’ll also have some further activities based around “This is EVE” coming in the next few weeks, so be sure to keep your eye on the community news feed!

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New Starter Pack and Add-Ons!

Introducing the new EVE Online Starter Pack! Designed from the ground up to kickstart a new pilot's career, the Core Starter Pack features a full arsenal of skills and gear for miners and crafters.

The Core Starter Pack includes:

  • The ORE Venture mining frigate
  • A full set of modules and equipment to kit out your ship
  • Over two dozen primary skills, ready to train
  • Blueprints to build the Venture and the deadly Corax destroyer
  • A Mobile Depot personal deployable
  • Avatar apparel: male “Esquire” and female “Executor” coats (black)
  • Prototype Cerebral Accelerator (skill booster)
  • 30 days of game time

To help advance your career in space, choose one or more of the following Add-Ons:

  • The Colonist Add-On Pack equips you with the essentials for your own planetary industry colonies.
  • The Explorer Add-On Pack provides specialized gear for whose make their fortunes discovering and looting lost treasures.
  • The Industrialist Add-On Pack gives you skills, minerals, and blueprints to get started as a manufacturer of the machines of war.
  • The Skirmisher Add-On Pack arms you with a combat-ready Breacher frigate, ammo and the skills you need to learn to hold your own in battle.

EVE Premium Edition!

Leave all your options open and be ready for anything with the Premium Starter Pack. Everything from the Core Starter Pack and all four Add-Ons are included. We’ve also added some of the hottest battleship skins and PLEX, an in-game token worth 30 additional days of game time that can be used or traded on the EVE market. Be prepared for wherever your adventurous spirit wants to take you with the Premium Edition.

The Premium Edition includes:

  • Core Starter Pack (including 30 days of game time)
  • Colonist Add-on
  • Explorer Add-on
  • Industrialist Add-on
  • Skirmisher Add-on
  • Abaddon Tash-Murkon Battleship skin
  • Hyperion Innerzone Shipping Battleship skin
  • Maelstrom Nefantar Battleship skin
  • Rokh Wiyrkomi Edition Battleship skin
  • 1 PLEX (30 additional days of game time)

Discover PLEX and play for free

PLEX is 30 days of game time in the form of a tradeable in-game item. If you need extra EVE currency (ISK), you can purchase PLEX for real money directly from Steam or through Account Management and sell it to other players on the in-game market. On the other hand, if you earn enough ISK, you can purchase PLEX from other players on the market and use it to extend your subscription – effectively playing for free.

PLEX is actively traded between players and can be found in every major trade hub of EVE Online. It is only consumed when you activate it, affording you the freedom to use it when and where you need it most.

Selling PLEX to boost your in-game wallet and buying PLEX to pay your subscription using in-game currency are just two of its many uses. PLEX can also be used to purchase various account services or even to pay for out of game events and products.

Sobre este jogo

Explore. Build. Conquer. EVE Online immerses you in a sci-fi experience where your every action can have rippling effects across a massive online universe. Team with and compete against over 500,000 players in epic starship battles or wage economic warfare on the galactic player-controlled market.

Key Features

  • Multiple PVP systems – Enlist in Factional Warfare as a loyalist of one of the four races of EVE, dodge the law as a deep space pirate or take arms in the large-scale conflict of alliance warfare where battles can consist of over a thousand pilots clashing for supremacy among the stars. EVE online lets you choose the type of PVP that fits your playstyle.
  • Massive Player-Driven Economy – Everything bought and sold on the EVE Online market is manufactured and traded by players. Buy and sell orders, contracts, courier agreements and many other tools of trade are available to let players carve their industrial empire. Rise to the top as a savvy entrepreneur or a member of one of the many existing mega-corporations in EVE.
  • Explorations, Mining, Missions – EVE Online offers a diverse range of progression paths. Players can advance as merchants, industrialists, politicians, spies or any number of other careers without limitation. Hundreds of trainable skills and open gameplay allow you to define the role you want to play in the virtual universe.
  • Liberating character advancement - Never "grind" for a skill again. Passive skill gain system allows your skills to increase even while you're offline.
  • Single-shard universe - Join hundreds of thousands of players in the same persistent universe, where your fame or infamy is not confined to just a subset of the playerbase.
  • Free expansions – You will never be charged for an EVE expansion - as the EVE universe grows, so do the benefits of your subscription.
  • Play for FREE – Established players can eventually pay for their game time with in-game money they earn while playing.

Requisitos de sistema

Mac OS X
    • Supported OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2 / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: CPU that supports SSE2 (Intel Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz, AMD Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz)
    • Memory: XP SP2 – 1 GB / Vista and newer – 2 GB
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB Free Space
    • Video: GPU with 256 MB VRAM or more that supports Shader Model 3 and DirectX 9.0c (AMD Radeon 2600 XT or NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS)
    • Audio: Supports SSE, Direct Sound compatible
    • Drivers: DirectX® 9.0c (included) and latest video drivers
    • Network: ADSL connection (or faster)
    • Note that older graphics cards such as the NVIDIA 6000 and 7000 series may work but are not officially supported. Please note that Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000 are not supported.
    • Note: the minimum screen resolution for EVE is 1024x768. Audio hardware must be Direct Sound compatible. For optimum performance, use latest drivers available.
    • OS: Windows 7 / 8
    • Processor: Intel Pentium i7 Series or AMD X4 @ 2.0 GHz or greater
    • Memory: 4 GB or greater
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB free space
    • Video: AMD Radeon 6790 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or better with at least 1 GB VRAM
    • Audio: Supports SSE, Direct Sound compatible
    • Drivers: DirectX® 9.0c (included) and latest video drivers
    • Network: ADSL connection or faster

    • Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5
    • Processor: CPU that supports SSE2 (Intel Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz)
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB Free Space
    • Video: GPU with 256 MB VRAM or more that supports Shader Model 3 and DirectX 9.0c (NVIDIA GeForce 320m, Intel HD 3000)
    • Audio: Supports SSE, Direct Sound compatible
    • Network: ADSL connection (or faster)

    • OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5
    • Processor: Intel i7 Series @ 3.0 GHz or greater
    • Memory: 8 GB or greater
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB Free Space
    • Video: NVIDIA GeForce 675mx or better with at least 1 GB VRAM
    • Audio: Supports SSE, Direct Sound compatible
    • Network: ADSL connection (or faster)
Análises úteis de usuários
23 de 23 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
35.5 hrs registradas
Publicada: 14 de dezembro de 2014
Sempre tentei me manter longe das drogas...
Hoje eu minero crack no espaço.
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21 de 22 pessoas (95%) acharam esta análise útil
556.9 hrs registradas
Publicada: 7 de novembro de 2014
Jogo excelente, dá uma aparente tranquilidade pelo visual e música... só aparente!

. EVE Online é um sandbox verdadeiro, você realmente não precisa seguir uma linha-reta (quests);
. Não dá para jogar sozinho, você vai cansar rápido.
. É um jogo de ficção científica;
. Mundo aberto;
. Mercado de players;
. Você pode fazer o que quiser, não precisa ser um 'rambo matador de mobs';
. As carreiras mais comuns são (Você precisa escolher uma e seguir, não dá para fazer todas);
... PvP entre alianças e corporações;
... PvP fazendo pirataria;
... PvE fazendo missões de: segurança, ou distribuição, ou mineração...
... Indústria: construindo coisas e vendendo o mercado super-ativo de players
... Indústria: pesquisando tecnologias
... Mineração
... Exploração
... Transporte
... Trader

. Entre em uma corporação, há várias brasileiras para diversos níveis de jogadores.
. Siga uma carreira fazendo os tutoriais... não dá para fazer tudo pois o jogo é Gigante!
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5 de 5 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
10.3 hrs registradas
Publicada: 30 de dezembro de 2014
EVE Online é um sandbox completo, sem objetivos pré-definidos (quests) em um cenário intergaláctico. Você passa a maior parte do tempo em sua nave, viajando entre estações espaciais e planetas, coletando e transportando recursos ou se engajando em batalhas espaciais.

O único defeito deste jogo é o controle das naves, baseado em apontar e clicar, sem a capacidade de manobrá-las diretamente como em outros jogos do gênero.
Tirando isso, o jogo beira a perfeição! A customização é profunda e a arte do jogo transmite tranquilidade e aprofunda a imersão.

A economia do jogo é totalmente influenciada pelos jogadores, onde quase não há NPCs para compra e venda de itens.
Você tem liberdade para focar no que quiser, sem a necessidade de se especializar em combate, afinal, além de PvP e PvE, as carreiras envolvem missões de segurança, distribuição, mineração, pesquisa tecnológica, construção industrial, exploração, transporte, etc...

É o tipo de jogo ideal para esquecer que se tem uma vida.
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1,339 de 1,498 pessoas (89%) acharam esta análise útil
11 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
2,143.1 hrs registradas
Publicada: 1 de novembro de 2014
Oh dear, what was i thinking
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503 de 548 pessoas (92%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
593.3 hrs registradas
Publicada: 2 de novembro de 2014
Sub this game if:

-You dont value any kind of social life
-You want to play a true sandbox game
-You dont want a mindless faceroll where you get rewarded for minimal effort
-You like teamwork and a mature, unique community
-You want a deep, complex game with a steep learning curve
-You like to be challenged to think and plan

I joined a nullsec alliance after 2 months, in my first week I was in a pvp brawl with 1100 people

The mechanics arent perfect but the devs are making improvements all the time and expansions are free every month

11/10 Best game i ever played
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243 de 266 pessoas (91%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
5,622.5 hrs registradas
Publicada: 21 de novembro de 2014
Been playing this game for a long time, and it has come a long way.

Of course any game has its ups and downs, and this game is no different. But i will say that this is a true "SandBox" game. Can work you butt off for a ship, and the next day lose it. But then you have the community to fall back on, Everyone is willing to help just as long as you ask.

I will recommend that whoever buys and plans on playing, that you have ALOT of patience. This is a skill training base game, and the skills help alot, but get completed over time.

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143 de 161 pessoas (89%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
5,252.0 hrs registradas
Publicada: 3 de janeiro
i played it a little, it was fun

Você achou esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
145 de 164 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
21.3 hrs registradas
Publicada: 26 de dezembro de 2014
Click for Gameplay Trailer
>>>>>>>>>>This is my review account, because the low playtime.<<<<<<<<<<<
+ effective space battles
+ detailed ships
+ atmospheric solar systems
- space stations sometimes detail poor

+ great space atmosphere
+ thanks to more than 50,000 players simultaneously very much alive
+ highly detailed background story
- no story in the game

+ atmospheric, good effects
+ dynamic music with many titles
- no voice output
- depending on camera position sometimes dropouts

+ overall very good weapon and ship balance
+ useful tutorial
+ every character can learn everything
- steep learning curve
- some ships, weapons, modules too weak

+ some exciting episodes jobs
+ several dozen missions
+ tasks for multiple players
- but always the same
- often monotonous missions

+ fundamentally different ship types
+ much only accessible in the community
+ players fight together for power and influence

Combat System:
+ very many tactical options
+ also the right timing is important
+ extremely exciting
- in large fleet battles threaten Lags

+ countless equipment
+ almost all objects of gamers produced and traded
+ attract rare, extremely valuable items

Game Size:
+ extremely large universe of over 5,000 solar systems
+ hundreds of ships with many equipment options
+ free addons

Eve Online is located in the far future and plays in an unknown part of the universe, the people have achieved through a natural wormhole. A natural disaster cut the colonists from Earth from, and in the course of thousands of years, the castaways were split into four playable factions who struggle for supremacy.

When creating your character, choose one of the fractions and a professional orientation to mining, trade, fight or science. Unlike other MMOs but do not place yourself there on a certain play style that because in Eve Online Anyone can learn everything. Fixed classes with exclusive abilities do not exist.
Because there are so many skills and learning a skill at level 5, depending on the difficulty sometimes can take a month or more, so differences are applied not by the class instead choice, but by the skills you can learn your character. Although there is Eve Online since 2003, even game pioneers have not yet learned all the talents.

If you are playing Eve for the first time, be sure to join in the tutorial. To gain insight into the basic controls and the various career opportunities. While you browse through countless windows without speech, but you also get some skills donated that you would otherwise buy later. For in Eve Online, you need to shell out the virtual currency ISK for almost everything.
One of the biggest hurdles for beginners is the true chic, but also very complex user interface. Countless nested submenus, some tiny buttons and the many open windows at first but very confusing. Once you have mastered the initial difficulties, but you are in front of the real problem of many players in Eve Online - the question: "What now?"

If your ship explode, it disappears in the virtual nirvana, half of the cargo and equipment remains the victor as prey. You can try to make your escape pod in security then just yet. Destroy the enemy also this, you wake up in a fresh clone and may have valuable implants (improve certain skills) lost.
The constant sense of danger and the real possibility of the virtual loss recreate the atmosphere in Eve often crackle with tension. Be there if you do a worthwhile trade flight in unsafe areas, explore unexplored star systems or upgrade itself to hunt for prey. Note, however, necessarily the first and most important Eve rule: Never fly what you can not replace!

In Eve is open to you a variety of ways to earn ISK ("Interstellar credit"). And ISK you need to buy ships and equipment, to acquire new skills or to run your own space station. If you enjoy exploring, looking for anomalies and hidden complexes using probes and combed through these for prey. Combative natures complete orders of NPC corporations and earn ISK with the shooting of NPC ships. Some players will prefer working as miners and facilitate the asteroids for valuable ores. The resulting minerals need industrialists to bring the complex production cycles for the production of vessels and equipment in motion. The merchant profession after all, is a most lucrative jobs at all. Since the market is almost entirely driven player works are speculation, price wars and trade wars of the day. But beware: Some players are professional scammers and earn vast sums with phony sales or at first glance lucrative sounding investment opportunities.

Bored Wen production and trade and fighting against NPCs challenging enough you can also hire themselves out as mercenaries and provide his services as a bodyguard or contract killer in the fight against other players and their Corporations available. Some prefer to turn the pirate life and extort large sums of money as possible to let them get the trapped victim and his ship without prejudice. Or they destroy the ship and hope for fat booty.

PVP, so the fight Player vs. Player, is at the heart of Eve Online. Most of the more than 300 different spaceships are fighting ships. From tiny interceptors over medium heavy cruisers and powerful battleships to giant titans that are affordable only as a combined effort of an entire alliance, are represented dozens of different types. Scout ships disguised looking for enemies, specializing in electronic warfare ships disturb the sensors or the drive of the opponent, even support platforms for repair of shields and armor are represented.

But that's not all, you can equip every ship of modules and thus equip for a particular purpose with a huge selection. These include long- and short-range missiles, rockets on Lasers and artillery guns, drive improvements such as afterburner or shield and armor upgrades. Only equipping of ships is incredibly complex and creative minds come in ever new combinations to individual vessels. The large number of possibilities is huge and often occupied us for hours, only to find the perfect equipment for our current favorite ship.

What fascinates me about Eve Online repeatedly, is the striking similarity of the game to the real life. Whether it is that I spend hours looking through markets for profit opportunities or my goods transported to a remote Mart - I have to work for my (virtual) money. So I buy better ships and try to share with friends to expand our territory or other players to bring their savings. My actions always have an effect - I do not just stand back up when I die. Coupled with the mostly great balanced ship and weapon classes and challenging to both intellectually and quick reactions demanding battles fascinates me the living and ever-evolving Eve universe repeatedly over the years.

Score: 83 / 100

Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks for reading! If you Like my Review, give me a Thumbs up in Steam.
Your help is greatly appreciated :)

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My Steam Group:
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My YouTube Channel:
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328 de 454 pessoas (72%) acharam esta análise útil
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Publicada: 28 de outubro de 2014
it's alright i guess

edit: also the russians in this game say stuff like this
[22:17:10] Captain Cacao > i give strong ♥♥♥♥ for yours ♥♥♥♥
Você achou esta análise útil? Sim Não Engraçada
73 de 82 pessoas (89%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
143.8 hrs registradas
Publicada: 24 de setembro de 2014
On it's surface, EVE Online doesn't seem to be a very "Immersive" game...
No voiced dialog; a steep learning curve; unforgiving gameplay; limited Character Customisation; you can only walk around in one empty room in the entire game; other players are just profile pictures with descriptions and stats; there's no real storyline; there's not even a way to manually pilot your own spaceship.

Yet, somehow, at some point you begin to view your own universe as relatively less Immersive compared to EVE.
You'll find yourself complaining that your entire life is spent on one single High-Sec system's planet, wasting your precious time in tedious tutorials on how to make money in a ruthlessly competitive world of confusing spreadsheets and market fluctuations in the endless pursuit of ever-climbing costs for your technologically-dependent way of life. You'll notice that people no longer speak, they just become dehumanised slaves to one corporate entity or another, each trying to validate their existence with some esoteric expression of individuality. None knowing what they really want, but everyone repeating the same mistakes, standing on the broken backs of others, in their fruitless attempts to attain it. Watching every transitory obstruction between you and your elusive happiness give way to another two greater barriers, you eventually look back and say:
"I could be playing EVE".
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89 de 107 pessoas (83%) acharam esta análise útil
1,285.7 hrs registradas
Publicada: 28 de outubro de 2014
I've Been playing this game since 2010, on and off. I would take a break from the game but i would always make my way back to it.

I dont know what its like to be a new pilot today compared to when i started playing but i still consider myself fairly new to the game, Although i can run an Orca with Tech II boosts i only can do level 2 security missions, The orca is an mining command ship that grants fleet bonuses to the party.

In this game you can mine the ice fields or asteroids, attack other players, do missions which are like quests, you can harvest the resources of a planet with planetary interaction, you can form corporations and an Alliance of corporations and declare war on other corporations or alliances and be able to legally fight anywhere without police intervention.

The end game goal of the game is to be in a zero security alliance and own your own parts of space or team up with others to explore wormhole space and build your own structures at these places. At the end of your eve lifetime you could be flying capital ships or even a titan, but they take extremely long amounts of time to train for.

In this game you level up your skills with time. Instead of experience points; you get a point every second which gets multiplied by whatever your attributes are. You can use a rare remap to change your attributes to learn certain things faster than others because so many different skills require different attributes to level up faster. The lower level the skill is, the faster it is to train it, up to a level of 5 for every skill.

Movement in this game is not WASD movement with a keyboard, you right click something and tell your ship to approach or warp to, this is how you move around in eve.

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245 de 343 pessoas (71%) acharam esta análise útil
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195.0 hrs registradas
Publicada: 26 de outubro de 2014
My ship blew up. Lost 10 years off my life. 11/10
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335 de 489 pessoas (69%) acharam esta análise útil
5 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
108.2 hrs registradas
Publicada: 30 de setembro de 2014
After a year of being abused by many players and pirates, I think it is time to write a detailed review or an impression of the psychological rollercoaster I went through.

Eve Online is identical to real life in my opinion. You are thrown in there with little to no instructions. The learning curve is tough. You could end up mining for a guild, oh ♥♥♥♥. I called it a guild, you might be shunned if you call them guilds in this game, they are called corps. Where was I? Oh yeah, you could end up working for a corp as a miner to get the ship you wanted after a very long time in the safest spot or you could end up being a pirate hunting the same miners you could have been. It most likely depends on your skills and how much time you are willing to dedicate to such a game. Why do I say that? Learning skills takes real time as opposed to game time. Skills would start building up in your queue from 3 Hours to months of real time. In case you read this far and you are wondering if it is a casual MMO, no it is not. It is rather hardcore and this is coming from someone who is not all that familiar with MMOs. Anyways, just like I said, you could ultimately do whatever you want to do in this game. Planetary exploration and material extraction, piracy, logistics, Mining, whatever. It sounds very exciting initially but it takes a really long time and money and effort. All that effort can go down the drain however. If your ship gets destroyed, all those upgrades you have spent time and blood and sweat on would go away in a heartbeat, but that's not remotely all of it. Your character's pod is thrown into space and you have to get your pod to the nearest space station to find another ship before someone destroys your pod and... Well, your character dies and loses all those skills you spent real life time on. I am repeating myself with the real life time because it is just so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ frustrating.

I honestly didn't expect myself to get into a game like this, I didn't expect to get into it for a long time. I rarely enjoyed it but it was like staring at pandora's box from afar, it seems so interesting your curiosity gets the better of you and well... You spend 100+ hours into it getting into more than one corps the same way you apply to a job. Perhaps even more humiliating. Getting into a corp is not easy, they interview you, sometimes skype you and assess if you are the man/woman for the position. It almost sounds crazy, and I assure you, it is when you end up hearing about people being humiliated in chat rooms filled with at least 200 players that watch a man get naked on webcam to get a position in a corp. That's how it is in the world of EVE, it sounds really interesting from afar just like the notorious battle that had thousands of players pit against each other, but when you actually get into it, you want to leave and never come back.

Perhaps I got one good thing out of it. The love of Ambient music. A year ago, I was never a fan of music that fades into the background and helps you concentrate. EVE's soundtrack is full of that. It helps the players enjoy their sweet time digging into their menus for countless of hours to EVE's soundtrack. It was well engineered to the point where you feel lonely and it is scary out there when you are traveling and expect a pirate to strike you down even in the safest spots. Ironically, the first time I encountered an NPC drone, I thought it was a pirate and panicked and abandoned my ship only to find out later that it was part of the mission.

I don't think I have anything specific in my review regarding the technicalities of EVE, but I was just surprised and my expectations have been greatly exceeded by what I saw there, and I was sure it was not for me. At the same time, all I can write here are my impressions. I finally left the game after realizing it was inevitable for me especially after a pirate corp threatened the mining corp I was in. I actually stayed with that cop for about a month or so, and it was newly formed. Later on when the pirate corp threatens it, members of my mining corp started arguing and all I could do was observe. I was a spectator the whole time and it was, admittedly enjoyable to see my own corp's members argue and argue until some of them left and it went down the drain. It's just so amazing how things could change ther-- YOUR SPACESHIP IS BEING ATTACKED,WAT? YOUR GUN IS FROZEN, YOUR SHIELD HAS BEEN JAMMED.... WHY? OH GOD PLEA-- *boom* Pod is still there, guess I can go and grab another ship and build millions of isks instead of buying PLEX cards with real money (60$ give or take) to get back the same ship I had with the same upgra-- *respawns* *pod destroyed* ..... *quits game* *uninstalls*

10/10 would quit after a year and be haunted by it for the rest of his life
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Eve is a phenomenal game.

Playing it for me was like watching star wars for the first time. It's like entering a universe previously unseen to you before and getting encaptured in its ways and lore. Everything about the game is perfection, there's something in it for everyone. Want to ravage the lonely spaces of Low sec as a pirate? Want to mine minerals and make a profit? Want to explore the deep fringes of space looking for galactic treasure? Or maybe you just want to do it all. There's something there for everyone and the amount of possibility is endless. I highly recommend this game, if you like any sandbox MMO this is for you. Well worth the monthly subscription.
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Crack is less addictive. Crack will probably also keep more of your social life intact. Crack might also be less destructive to your manners, behaviour, integrity and general well-being. EVE turns decent people into sociaopathic outcasts in a couple of days.

If you have to choose between EVE and Crack, choose Crack.

You'll thank me later


(Eh, who am i kidding. Get in there.)
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The best MMO I've ever played period.
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I want to ram my head through a wall.
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spreadsheet simulator 2014
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My real playtime as seen on the account information is 6250+ hours.
This game ruined my life 11/10
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Endless space to explore, Ultra-detailed graphics, a tons of ships and stuff, giant battles.
This game is the best space MMO the world ever seen: you can be a pirate, a mercenary, a businessman, a explorer....you can be everything as you want. In battle, is the same thing: you can prefer to fight with guns, lasers, bombs, missiles; you can choose to fight with good planned strategy, or a hit-and-run, or a rush.
You can create your corporation and take a part of space where you can create your personal station, hangars, lab, and etc.
At the end, this game stole your hearth if you play it. 12/10
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