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Date de parution: 10 fév 2011
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... Inclut Dungeons, ses contenus additionnels et Dungeons: The Dark Lord.

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DUNGEONS - ÉDITION SPÉCIALE STEAM inclut une mission supplémentaire exclusive, de nouvelles cartes pour jouer en mode bac-à-sable et un ensemble d'objets prestigieux uniques pour personnaliser votre donjon.
Objets prestigieux

  • Statue d'Horny du jeu "Ceville" game Realmforge's (augmente le prestige du donjon)
  • Statue de M. Sidekick, le conseiller du maître du donjon (augmente les capacités des travailleurs gobelins)
  • Statue de "Dick Caine" (augmente le prestige du donjon)

À propos du jeu

Un puissant héros progresse dans un sombre donjon, le pille en règle et combat des monstres. Jusqu'ici, rien de bien original. Il est temps de passer de l'autre côté du miroir.

Prenez le rôle de maître du donjon et créez vos propres pièges diaboliques. Des hordes de gobelins attendent vos ordres en tremblotant.

Des héros en quête de trésors vont venir vous rendre visite. Vous pourriez les annihiler d'un claquement de doigts. Mais, n'est-il pas plus jouissif de leur faire goûter à la richesse avant de les en priver ?

Donnez leur quelques trésors et équipements, quelques combats et lorsque le temps est venu, récoltez leurs âmes. Une âme heureuse est beaucoup plus intéressante...

Mais, alors que les âmes des guerriers sont d'excellente ressources, n'oubliez pas que leurs amis peuvent venir créez des problèmes. Débarrassez-vous d'eux en les soudoyant.

Gardez cependant un œil sur la concurrence : elle ne dort jamais et d'autres maîtres de donjons convoitent votre position. Vous avez aussi un patron, il vous bombardera avec des demandes ineptes. Attendez le bon moment pour prendre sa place.


Le jeu tourne autour de Deimos, le maître des maîtres de donjons qui s'est fait bêtement piégé par son ex Calypso. Il s'est ainsi retrouver en bas de l'échelle : au fin-fond de la hiérarchie tout en haut du donjon.

L"histoire commence avec Deimos qui va tenter de reprendre son rang et de sa venger de Calypso. Il va d'abord falloir se mesurer aux autres boss. Il y a un roi zombie qui est d'une bêtise abyssale et Minos, un psychopathe.

Comprend :

  • Soyez insidieux. Débarrassez-vous de la concurrence.
  • Préparez-vous au combat. 15 différents types de monstres se promènes dans votre bâtiment.
  • Les 17 missions de la campagne vont vous mettre à l'épreuve. Si vous y survivez des parties personnalisées vous attendent.
  • Dans un donjon il n'y a qu'une seule issue : par le bas. 3 niveaux différents vous attendent.
  • Vos cellules de prison et votre chambre de torture sont prêtes.
  • Créez un donjon de vos cauchemars avec plus de 50 objets différents.
  • Des gobelins attendent vos ordres.

Configuration requise

    Minimum :

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 7/Vista/ XP SP2
    • Processeur : 2.0 GHz Dual Core
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go
    • Affichage : 256 Mo DirectX 9.0 card avec Shader Model 3.0
    • Disque dur : 2 Go de libre sur le disque dur
    • Son : Carte son compatible avec Windows
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I don't think I have ever been this depressed by a game before. As the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper, I had very high hopes for this game. It is, saddly, terrible. Everything that made the previous game unique and interesting (monsters moving into and interacting with your dungeon, converting enemies to your cause, waging war against the forces of good,) have all been stripped away.

Yes, you can place monsters in your dungeon and have them protect narrow areas, but they don't roam the area, they don't interact with your dungen, and there are very few types available. The troll/blacksmiths are gone, and so are their traps, doors, and other gadgets to make the dungeon interesting. The prisons remain, but the Mistresses are gone so enemies can't be converted. The only reason you even capture them is to get soul energy out of them.

You no longer wage war. Yes, you can fight heroes, and your mosnters will too. However, you can no longer send your monsters after heroes, they will only engage if the hero happens to stumble into them. Of course, you wouldn't want to send monsters after heroes aanymore either, since they need to survive to be fattened up with soul energy.

It is like they tooke the most basic features of Dungeon Keeper, kept those, and threw away everything that game the game character. Now, you most run about taking care of every little task using your avatar, with no help from the decorative monsters. Basically, this has become FarmVille with a slightly darker background and sub-par voice acting.
Posté le : 8 avril 2014
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Dungeons - sorry, "DUNGEONS" is apparently a game aiming for the vein of the old Dungeon Keeper series. You're an evil overlord, seeking to conquer a land full of innocent heroes and elves and stuff, using magic and monsters.

The skinny: Have you ever looked back on something you've done, and regretted it? I have. After all, I bought Dungeons during a steam sale. 3/10 because bawful.

The good: It has some decent graphics, and wasn't too hard to install.

The bad: A pretty bad attempt. The humor is terrible - as in "the jokes are not funny", not "they are so bad that they are funny". The control system is clunky. The missions are clunky. My computer can eat the whole game in it's RAM as a RAMdrive, and between my CPU and graphics card I can play alt-tab-tennis between Dishonored and Skyrim, but this game plays clunky. Huh.

The ugly: Not really too much.

Summary: It's not "pop up advertising" bad, or troubled by massive errors. It's just bad. It gives the impression that the design team aimed high, but didn't have the strength, or perhaps interest, in making it fly. Not worth purchase.
Posté le : 25 juin 2014
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So, there were these games called Badman (and a really freaking long name with My Lord in it that I never can remember) released by NIS for the PSP -- there was also these games called Dungeon Keeper. Now there is the Quest for Epic Loot (which is like MMO...ish) and Imps and . .. kay, bored now.

Point is, this is it's own game. This is micro-management-heavy-as-hell and on top of that, lacks a certain pizaz that gets things to keep going after 20 hours or so (note: I played this a lot before this most recent sale on steam in which I acquired it here) . The biggest customization is nearly meaningless decor. So much is too complecated in practice and yet overly simple in feeling .. which is all sorts of weird (mostly comes from how easy it is to kill heroes on entering without pleasing them) --- this game, like many, requires you to give to it in order to give back. Unlike the best games which tend to be lower on the graphical scale and ask imagination -- this is a dressed up version (kinda) of a lot of things and the missing bits are the innate charm, and the strange feeling of -something- missing.

What am I on about?

This is not Dungeon Keeper. Stop pretending it sucks because of that. This is a solid 7 out of 10 (saying 5 is passing for a 20 USD game) -- this game is good, and above average (but actually less impressive for the year it was released than this last 12 months. .then it was only a 6, but 2013 sucked on every possible level).

More importantly, the gold pack with the standalone DLC was 7.50 USD for me, and that is a GREAT deal. a good 30 hours of enjoyment between the two, and only a few hours of lacklustre play in there.

Not the best game ever, but I do recommend it.
Posté le : 13 mars 2014
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10.5 heures en tout
I was expecting an experience like Dungeon Keeper, but this ended up being unpolished. The economy doesn't make much sense, and I ended up throwing my money at things without it making much of a difference. There was no actual decisions made while spending money.

The skill tree was kind of a stupid idea. They added on bells and whistiles without the core gameplay: building a dungeon, being fleshed out.

Often times they would have multiple objectives, but they would be contradictory and not fun. It ended up being frustrating more than enjoyable.
Posté le : 10 août 2014
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Terrible technical issues prevent most people from playing this game, myself included. No excuses. Kalypso exercises no quality control over any of the products that they distribute. Buyer beware.

If you can get the game to run... The controls are awkward. The game goal is interesting but executed in a way that doesn't function properly - and you need to know that it is not your fault (as the player). Nothing you can do will work right. The camera will snap to odd places. Important events will occur without notification. The game hates you, don't buy it.
Posté le : 17 août 2014
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Ce jeu au ton décalé et à l'optique intéressante vous place en Maître du Donjon. Il s'agit de gestion, avec un aspect hack n'slash, mais à l'inverse des productions habituelles. On y crée et bichonne nos donjons pour satisfaire la demande des héros, puis leur sucer l'âme... Jouissif et immersif ! DUNGEONS propose également un mode "bac-à-sable" où aucun scénario ni objectif ne vient nous saouler, on s'amuse librement ! C'est Noël, un peu.
Posté le : 26 décembre 2013
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