Fight, sneak, and hack your way through randomly generated cities. It's like Nuclear Throne meets Deus Ex, mixed with the anarchy of GTA. Rogue-lite meets immersive sim, and goes completely insane.
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Mar 10, 2017

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Early Access allows players to help shape the game in a way that’s never been possible before -- and Streets of Rogue is EXACTLY the sort of game that can greatly benefit in this regard. The game's world is super goofy and chaotic, and lends itself to having a wide variety of weird and wacky content. This, combined with the open-ended nature of the gameplay, means that if anyone has a suggestion for something cool they want to see in the game (items, character types, playfield objects, etc.), there's a very good chance I'll be able to add it!

Streets of Rogue is already a living example of how games can benefit from early releases. The game was in free open alpha for almost a year and a half prior to its Steam release, and it really couldn’t have gone much better. Player response was fantastic, and very useful to me throughout the course of development.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“No solid release date has been set at the moment. Hopefully, the game will graduate from Early Access in mid-Late 2017, but it’s impossible to say for certain. And remember that Streets of Rogue is the sort of game that can continue to grow even after an Early Access period!”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version will contain a lot more content than the Early Access version: Levels, characters, items, objects, music, etc. While the Early Access version has enough content to keep you busy for a long time (some players of the open alpha have reported 100+ hours), I have PLENTY more planned for the full version. I will also be putting a significant amount of effort into improving game balance.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The core game is extremely playable and polished. Though it may contain a few more bugs than I’d like, most of these aren’t the sort of bugs that will break your game. It’s more the “banana transforms into a stove for no reason” variety. Most of the major planned features are implemented and working, such as local and online coop, unlockables, and game mutators. Online coop will likely have more bugs than other game modes.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game will likely retain the same price point when it leaves Early Access, though this is potentially subject to change.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Anyone can submit feedback through the forums, on our Discord channel, or through an in-game feedback form that ties directly to my email account. Community bug reports have proven to be invaluable during the game’s open alpha, and I am constantly jotting down players’ suggestions for game content.”
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Recent updates View all (29)

September 7

Alpha 33 - More Optimization!

Yep, I’m still hard at work optimizing every little detail of Streets of Rogue, and there’s still quite a bit more to do. I didn’t expect the process to take quite as long as it’s taking, but apparently there were a lot more spots in the game where I was doing things in a… less than satisfactory way. It’ll be worth the extra effort, since it means the game will be mounted on a much more solid base. Like I mentioned last update, most modern PC users won’t see a huge difference -- these changes will primarily benefit players on older hardware, and the upcoming console ports of the game.

Today’s update has some noticeable improvements for frame drops in the Industrial areas, and there’s still more to come. There are also a number of bug fixes, mostly for things that I broke during optimization. Please keep me posted on anything else that I may have broken!

Also, apologies for last update’s speculation about the release of the “Level 4 - Downtown” content, I’m going to keep my lips sealed about that until the time comes. New content will be my top priority following the current batch of performance improvements. You can still contribute suggestions for Downtown in this thread.

This week’s Fortnight Discussion: “ProTips”. I know you’ve got some. Let’s have ‘em.

Also, a reminder to check out the Wiki Editor of the Month competition!

Alpha 33
  • Whole bunch of large and small improvements that hopefully did not break too much

  • Fix for split-screen camera sometimes showing weird artifacts on Medium lighting mode
  • Fix for players appearing as purple worm man thing when switching to local multiplayer mode from Home Base

UI / Controls
  • Fix for “Other players can revive you” messages not appearing in four-player local mode
  • Fix for certain interface elements appearing in incorrect positions during camera zooms
  • Fix for dialogue box appearing on top of main menu when the game is paused

  • Fix for not being able to properly Bribe cops, which in turn made the Cop character impossible to unlock

Playfield Objects
  • Switches and Laser Emitters cannot be set on fire

  • Fix for cases in multiplayer games where people would refuse to equip or shoot certain weapons on the server due to traits like Stubby Fingers, though they were equipped on the client

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for game freezing if the player killed themselves while having the Bloodlust trait
  • Fix for Bloodlust restoring someone’s health after their death
  • Fix for Bloodlust triggering when the player punched dead bodies that were burnt from fire
  • Fix for bodies not turning into zombies if they were afflicted with Zombiism and then knocked out and killed

  • Fix for opponents sometimes immediately punching the player after the player had just initiated combat
  • Fix for opponents being too aggressive toward the player prior to actually hitting the player for the first time
  • Fix for opponents consistently being too aggressive toward multiplayer clients
  • Fix for opponents phasing through walls often as multiplayer client

  • Fix for Werewolf Transformation sound effects not playing
  • Sound effects added to menus in a couple spots

  • Fix for game going haywire when falling down holes and dying while Possessing another person
  • Possibly a bunch of other fixes for possessing other people
  • Fix for players being able to continue the game in coop mode if they were falling into a hole after the game had ended due to Suicide or finishing all the levels

Level Generation
  • Fixed a couple of instances where pits were placed in such a way that people would have difficulty pathing around them

Artificial Intelligence
  • Improved pathfinding, people less likely to get stuck walking into walls
  • Fixed issue where people would not pay attention to noises after too many noises had been created during that level
  • Fix for combat not occurring properly between NPCs when they were off-camera
  • Fix for people not fleeing clients properly when they were out of range of the host
  • People will not walk through red lasers in most situations

Alpha 33b (9/8/17)
  • Forget the last build, it sucked. I had added a last minute change that tanked the frame rate. This build runs about 33% faster.
  • Snuck in some more performance improvements that will hopefully not break anything.
  • Fix for party members not always following commands properly
  • Fix for fires sometimes burning permanently and causing general weirdness
  • Fix for people attempting to re-enter buildings they just left while gas is still spraying
  • Fix for Killer Robot rockets not moving properly in multiplayer mode

Alpha 33c (9/9/17)
  • Fix for selection box not appearing in inventory for gamepad users
  • Fix for Safes sometimes appearing as debris
  • Even more assorted performance improvements

Alpha 33d (9/10/17)
  • Fix for status text sometimes appearing on the screen permanently
  • Fix for party members not obeying commands to change their position
  • Fix for Bacon Cheeseburgers appearing in all inventory slots at the start of the Park levels
  • Yet more small performance improvements
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August 24

Alpha 32 - Performance Enhancements

I have been furiously optimizing Streets of Rogue over the past week or so. While performance issues haven’t been a major problem in the game (save for a few trouble sections), it had been about a year and a half since the last time the game got an optimization pass. If you’re running the game on a low- to mid-range PC, you may notice fewer frame drops in this build. For everyone else, the game will feel just a tad bit snappier. There’s still a lot more optimization to be done as well. And be on the lookout for new bugs, because I modified a whole lot of code in a whole lot of different areas.

A big part of the reason for these optimizations is that I’m currently working on console versions of the game, and unfortunately, consoles don’t have quite the horsepower of a modern PC. So, my code needs to be in impeccable shape for the game to run at a decent clip. While Streets of Rogue might not look like the sort of game that should have big requirements, there’s actually a lot being processed on the CPU at any given time. Fancy AI doesn’t come cheap!

So what consoles is the game coming to, and when? Can’t say right now, but it may happen before the end of the year if all goes well!

What about Level 4??
I was hoping to have it done for the September 7th build release, but that may not happen. There’s a lot on my plate right now given some recent developments regarding the console versions. But I would still like to have it out in mid-September. Can’t make any promises, but I think that should be doable.

The game will be playable at PAX West next week at the tinyBuild booth. Stop by and say hello to those fine folks, and be sure to bug them about Hello Neighbor's release date, I hear they love that! Sadly I won’t be able to make it this year. I’ll be out of town for a wedding for 5 days during Labor Day weekend.

Community Stuff
This week’s Fortnight Discussion deals with the long-awaited “Big Quests”...

Also, check out the Wiki Editor of the Month competition!, and while you're at it, go make some edits to the wiki!

Alpha 32
  • Loads and loads of performance tweaks
  • Load times are slightly faster

  • Fix for players clipping through walls and objects vertically after teleporting while in the water

UI / Controls
  • Fix for Traits on Load Character screen not being separated by line
  • Fix for players 2, 3 and 4 not having the correct character selected when entering Character Select screen after death while playing as a custom character
  • Fix for error if player plays as a custom character, dies, clears the custom character slot, then closes and re-opens the menu

  • Fix for Shopkeeper appearing to be equipped with weapons on multiplayer client when he is actually empty-handed

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for Bloodlust, Zombify, Camera Shy, Crepe Crusher, Blahd Basher and potentially others not triggering properly sometimes for multiplayer clients past the level where they joined the game
  • Unstoppable-Ish cancels out Tank-Like and Skinny Nerdlinger during Character Creation

  • Fix for “jump out of water” sound effect playing if the player teleports while in the water

  • Fix for explosions from first laser not hitting the player if he stood in the exact right spot
  • Player can now eat the Banana to advance the “quick-use health” part of the tutorial
  • Prep work for Downtown levels
  • Prep work for console versions
  • Created new Free version of the game
  • Created new Show version of the game for PAX

Alpha 32b
  • Fix for custom characters sometimes not appearing properly
  • Fix for chests and shops sometimes having incorrect items

Alpha 32c
  • Fix for Pits not appearing
  • Fix for Crusher poles not appearing
  • Fix for shadows not appearing
  • Fix for player identifiers not appearing in multiplayer modes
  • Fix for people not turning blue when frozen

Alpha 32d (reverted to 32c for now due to new bugs introduced, will fix tomorrow)
  • Fixed a small bug that I added shortly before deploying Alpha 32, which ironically might have made performance WORSE than before.

Alpha 32e (August 25)
  • Fixed issue from 32d where people would not attack you
  • Added new lighting setting “Medium”. With this setting, walls do not cast shadows, which can greatly improve performance while still keeping the aesthetics mostly intact.
  • Fix for Killer Plants remaining permanently white after being hit
  • For for people briefly looking incorrect after being Depossessed by Shapeshifter
  • More performance tweaks

Alpha 32f
  • Fix for glitch introduced in 32e where AI would often not attack each other when they are hostile

Alpha 32g (August 26)
  • Fix for people not always fighting back against Zombies
  • Fix for people not getting angry upon seeing you standing over their friend’s dead body
  • Fix for people not walking around in their owned buildings and looking at objects
  • Fix for people not being angry at depossessed people who attacked them while possessed
  • Fix for people not correctly determining when they should not get angry at a person who attacked them while possessed
  • Fix for items not having shadows
  • Fix for players 2, 3 and 4 in coop games not being able to use hacking target properly
  • Fixed frame drops when people got clustered together
  • Improved Zombie frame rate issues

Alpha 32h (August 27)
  • Fix for weird bugs introduced in 32g
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About This Game

Streets of Rogue is a rogue-lite about player choice, freedom, and anarchic fun. The game takes inspiration from fast-paced top-down rogue-lites like Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, and adds free-form, experimentation-driven, emergent gameplay elements of RPGs like Deus Ex.

Rather than taking place in a dungeon, the game is set in a functioning, procedurally generated city, where complex AI informs denizens from all walks of life, who are just trying to get by in their daily activities.

In order to progress, the player will need to accomplish specific mission goals in any way they see fit through use of their special character traits, items, and the environment.

  • Will you play as a soldier who shoots first and asks questions later?
  • A stealthy scientist who uses chloroform and tranquilizer darts to silently take down the opposition?
  • A genial bartender who can talk his way past the most intimidating of guards?
  • Or how about a hyper-intelligent gorilla, rescuing other caged gorillas to form a small mobilized gorilla army?

The Mighty Feature-List

  • Play the game YOUR way! Don’t want to kill anybody? That’s cool! Want to hack computers? Got ya covered!
  • Random world generation and TOTALLY EXTREME gameplay variety means you can play for 600 hours and not get bored! Seriously though, go outside!!!
  • Super-advanced artificial intelligence that won’t put up with your crap! Outsmart these virtual humans and feel superior to your computer!
  • Play as over 20 (and growing!) wildly different types of characters! Bartender, scientist, hacker, gorilla — hey, your job is probably in there too!
  • Stupidly huge variety of items! Shrink rays, hypnotizing devices, boomboxes, bear traps, food processors.. Oh, and guns too.
  • 4-Player online and local cooperative modes lets you brutalize goons AND loneliness!
  • Lead a gang, free slaves, drink beer, gib ghosts, become a vampire, shrink people and stomp on them. The most insanely varied game ever made.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7 or Later
    • Processor: Dual-Core Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8+
    • Processor: Intel Dual-Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04+
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
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