A fast paced multiplayer shooter that pits aliens against humans in a strategic and action-packed struggle for survival!
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Release Date: Oct 30, 2012

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October 27

Free Weekend & Birthday Celebrations

Natural Selection 2 is free to play on Steam all weekend! This Halloween, NS2 celebrates its fourth birthday, and NS1 its 14th!


Come and see what this Alien vs Marine shooter / strategy hybrid is all about. We've got new-player-friendly servers springing up all over the world, so don't be shy, come and get bitten by a Skulk!

NS2 has continued to receive constant updates over the past four years, with Update 311 being released earlier today. Even if you've played NS2 before, chances are there are lots of new features and improvements to explore.

- Unknown Worlds

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October 27

Build 311 Now Live on Steam! Free Weekend starts soon!

It’s crazy to think it has been four years since NS2 was launched and even more so to think that many of us were playing Natural Selection 14 years ago. Things have come a long way since then and to allude to the perfect pun, they continue to evolve.

We decided to run a free weekend starting today at 10 am PT to invite every player out there to celebrate this anniversary with us!

Furthermore we wanted to do something special for you ... So say hello to The Infested - an entirely new game-mode which we will be releasing on the Steam Workshop this Friday (October 28th)!

You have been dispatched to deal with a dangerous pathogen which has been detected within a remote TSF outpost. Race to repair the air filtration system before the pathogen corrodes it too severely and the air becomes overwhelmed by infectious spores. But watch out, one of your teammates has already been infected!

Work is also continuing on our conversion to 64-bit, FSFOD is hard at work chipping away at the pieces of this large puzzle and we get closer everyday to unlocking more potential for the future of Natural Selection. Signs of life are appearing, so stay tuned ‘cause there is plenty more to come over the next few months! We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for NS2.

Additionally this patch includes some spooky/fun enhancements to the official maps and yes, you can throw candy in the ready room again!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween!

Update 311 Changelog


  • Players can now see who the enemy commander is during pre-game, to help get games started faster
  • Made lights more spooky
Tweaks / Improvements
  • Revamped Training menu to be more orderly and useful for new players
  • Added the beginnings of a new Progression System to Hive
    • Just a first step to pave the way for many future enhancements
  • Moved player’s badge customization from old Hive website to be in-game via the Customize player menu
  • Play now window restyled to fit new themes and look nicer
  • Made some changes to prepare for Infested’s launch
  • Added new Halloween effects to various parts of the game, which will automatically change per a server’s seasonal setting. (Thanks IronHorse!)
  • You can now throw candy during warmup mode
  • Fixed several edge-case issues with Hive’s skill calculations
  • Fixed edge-case issue that prevented Hive from updating round data when submitted
  • Fixed conflicts with Hive changes within Hive Challenge and Tutorials
  • All map readyrooms have been made more spooky (Thanks Zavaro, Flatrectomy, and Samus!)
  • Fixed Overview.exe to not render seasonal groups
  • Fixed Decoda update.dll load error
  • Added more non colliding and commander invisible seasonal groups for use by mappers
  • Fixed that Modloader.SetupFileHook returned an error message even on success
  • Fixed that Filehook entry files could not be used as filehook
  • Added “Badges+” API to manage in-game badges

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"NS2 is a genius mash of Counter Strike and Starcraft"
"This is getting close to my idea of the ultimate game"

About This Game

Natural Selection 2 pits alien against human in an action-packed struggle for survival. Wield devastating weaponry as a Frontiersman marine, or become the xenomorph as a deadly Kharaa lifeform.

Strategy Meets Shooter

Natural Selection 2 is a First Person Shooter and Real Time Stategy game rolled into one! Each team, alien and human, has a Commander. The Commander looks down on the battlefield and issues orders, places structures, collects resources, researches technology, and deploys abilities.

Here are some gameplay examples: A human Commander could drop health packs and ammunition to a trapped marine squad, and deploy sentry guns to help them defend their position. Or an alien Commander could grow a new Hive to spread infestation throughout newly captured territory, allowing more alien eggs to spawn...

Two Unique Sides

Aliens players choose to evolve into one of five lifeforms: The fast, fearsome Skulk can run on walls and deliver massive damage with its jaws. Lerks fly and deploy gasses to support their teammates in battle. Gorges heal other lifeforms and build tunnels, hydra turrets, walls, and other tactical structures. Fades blink in and out of battle, picking off marines with giant scythes. Finally, the giant Onos is so massive and so tough, that even entire marine squads can't take it down.

Marines wield rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, pistols, and other weapons. Cluster grenades can clear ventilation shafts of sneaky Skulks, flamethrowers make short work of alien structures and infestation, and boosts dropped by the Commander increase combat effectiveness.

When attacking on foot doesn't cut it, marines can construct hulking Exosuits wielding miniguns and railguns, and equip jetpacks for high speed assaults on alien Hives.

Long Term Development

Natural Selection 2 receives constant updates. This year, 2016, Unknown Worlds continues to develop new features, content, and improvements.

Mod Tools Come Standard

Natural Selection 2 comes with all the tools we used to make the game. All game code is open source. That means you can create, and play, an endless variety of mods. Publish, share, and download mods from the Steam Workshop, and automatically download mods when you join modded games.

Digital Deluxe Edition

Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Official Soundtrack - 1 hour of tribal, industrial music composed by David John and Simon Chylinski
  • Digital Art Book - 40+ pages of art by Cory Strader, including environments, creatures, weapons and more
  • Exclusive in-game marine model - Exclusive in-game marine model - A new marine model with custom visor and armor plating
  • Exclusive Wallpapers and Avatars - Unique views of the NS2 universe by Amanda Diaz

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows Vista 32-bit
    • Processor:Core 2 Duo E6700 (2.66 GHz) or better
    • Memory:3 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9 compatible video card with 1 GB VRAM and support for Shader Model 3 (e.g. AMD X800, NVidia 8600 or better)
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:12 GB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7 64-bit or newer
    • Processor:Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4 GHz) or better
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9 compatible video card with 1.5 - 2 GB VRAM (AMD 5770, NVidia GTX 450 or better)
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:12 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
2,414.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 27
Look at my hours..
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
103.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 2
Got this game when it came out... it wasnt good back then and had loads of issues. Now however the game seems to have sorted out all the major and minor issues. The game is fun now and still looks good. There are still people playing with between 1-4 full servers every time I have logged on. Updates are still comming out. Decent amount of Commanders using ingame VOIP and better offline training stuff for new players to learn the game. Only negatives are that the fun is dependent on balanced teams and a decent RTS commander. Which isnt a given each match, but there are more than you would think. Balance wise the game seems okay, wouldnt call myself that qualified to judge, but maybe Onos (Alien tanks) are slightly OP mid game if the Marines have lagged slightly behind.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
19.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 29
awesome rts/fps mix. great atmosphere, nice graphics and (finally) good performance! it now runs smooth, even on my 7 year old rig! and that on linux too :)

played on Opensuse 13.2 with Nvidia GTX 275
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
25.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 14
Take command if you're a strategist or fight as a ground solider. Teams have there own strengths and weaknessess. You need real teamwork in order to win. Seriously. If your leader sucks everyone sucks. If your soliders suck, the leader is boned. Play together, win together. I love this game. I only played so little because i suck XD.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
1,092.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 9

Game: 2 teams - aliens / mariens
are fighting for ressource points, controll over the map and
the final goal to destroy the mainbase of the other team to win the game.

Its great for fast fps player that like to avoid an attack by jumping back or strafe to left in the moment a alien is approching.
Weapons for close combat and Weapons for long range combat every weapon is different and can be used in his own way. Moste times you dont want to go allone with a flamethrower because the single target dmg is not so high and you could easy be killed by lowlifeforms aliens.

As a basic alien (you spawn like that called "skulk") you can walk on walls and use every conor ,dark room to hide and
supprise the enemys from behind. Take care to avoid big groups of rines try to sepperate one or just go for the last one in line.
Like the weapons on marienside, every alien player can evolve into other sorts of aliens.
Some are flying, some are bigass tanks and some are dmg dealer that cant take much dmg but are fast as hell and bad to aim at.

One bad thing i have to tell you all.
The Devs try to ♥♥♥♥ up a big part of the community by making them non hive server.
What? you asking .
They disconnect the servers they dont like from the STATS DATABASE they own.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
11.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 8
Very good gameplay and mechanics. Has plenty of action to go around. You can either duke it out in a semi all-out strategic war, or just mess around in sandbox.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
270.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 22
A game where teamwork and skill are put to the test
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
137.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 15
This is my favorite team-based FPS of all time. It's asymmetrical warfare at it's finest.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
166.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 27
Really good game tbh, one of the better asyms out there.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
73.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 11
as a StarCraft player and a FPS lover this game is PERFECT. i absolutly love the comradery in this game. everyone is communicating, calling out shots, and barking orders.

a VERY helpful update adding tutorials (finally!) has been added since the last time i played which are so incredibly helpful. also the ability to play vs bots is terrific, expecially when trying to play as the commander because a new commander ruins the game for the rest of the players when playing with real players.

if you are looking for an asymmetrical shooter with strong team work and stratigy then this is definatly the game for you.
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Recently Posted
12.2 hrs
Posted: October 27
Absolutely brilliant game. I only bought it yesterday and I have not stopped playing it! People complain about the lack of variety in the units and I'm sitting there like...

"build arena... make different kinds of units you ♥♥♥♥wards. :/"

Honestly I can't even think of a serious con about this game. Also the Narrator is not annoying. He stops talking every now and then. It's only when you have quite a bit of objectives that he'll talk often. And even then it's only like five minutes before he talks again. But I wish people still played. I've always wanted to see what multiplayer is like.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Arie Safari
71.4 hrs
Posted: October 27
Game is fun if you have an experienced commander and a team that follows orders. Your aim also needs to be decent when it comes down to shooting aliens because they have high maneuverability and it can be really difficult to kill them. I have pretty consistent aim already, but I have gained some skill from playing this game as well, due to the aliens being difficult to kill if they are experienced players.
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104.2 hrs
Posted: October 27
really good game till your leveled up and kicked out of the noob servers... only the noob servers have players :(
Helpful? Yes No Funny
30.5 hrs
Posted: October 27
If there was ever a game with potential to become THE new esports title, then NS2. However it couldn't create a hype like csgo and so its a game with a fairly small community. It is still wonderful to play-as long as your commander doesn't suck. With the recent addition of a marine commander tutorial and the announcement of a tutorial for the alien commander, there will hopefully be more good commanders out there. I would recommend to start on "rookie only" community servers so you don't get crushed instantly. All in all this is a very cool game to play, alone or with friends, and I hope the best for ns3.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
49.6 hrs
Posted: October 24
Xenoform spotted.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
3,048.4 hrs
Posted: October 23
Very good game. Worth the price.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Steve Nash
1.8 hrs
Posted: October 22
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